Saturday Six CXIV

Saturday Six CXIV


Altruistic Eyewear, Sponsored Softcovers and Beneficial Bourbon - This is the Saturday Six.





Shwood is anything but typical. Since 2009 they've been experimenting, designing and pioneering within the eyewear industry, using materials ranging from wood to seashells to metal. As an innovative brand committed to individuality, quality, care and consideration, it comes as no surprise that right now they're offering 25% off their products with 10% donated to charity. Just head over to their online shop, use code GIVE25 when you buy, and know that your purchase is for more than just a great looking pair of glasses.




Committed to building a diverse library made up of over 1.4 million titles, Open Library offers an opportunity for you to help make books available for others to read. A sponsorship through this program provides the funds needed to purchase, ship and digitize a copy of your choice, allowing you to be the first to borrow and read it before making it available to other visitors of the site. Perfect for reading solo or sharing old favorites with kids while you pass the time inside, Open Library is a a great way to make sure that others have the chance to fall in love with your favorite titles while you discover all new stories of your own.




Cinephiles might be missing the theater right now, but the Alamo has an alternative that can satisfy your movie craving. They're offering virtual screenings of new films and older classics, with all ticket sales going toward supporting theaters and even the filmmakers themselves. Providing a little break from the typical streaming services, we suggest popping some popcorn, getting cozy, and taking advantage of having Alamo-At-Home.




On March 17th, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in OKC closed it's doors to the public, but that didn't mean they were done educating. You can visit them virtually through Google Arts and Culture, but we would also recommend heading over to their Twitter. Tim Send, the museum's security guard, has taken over their social media, and if you want to laugh while you learn then we suggest giving them a follow. Close-ups of exhibits, "good morning" coffee photos and even an April Fools prank in the empty office, Tim injects some much-needed humor into our day while teaching us a little something about our past. 




We previously mentioned one of our favorite podcasts, Criminal, from Radiotopia, and whether you loved listening to that one, adored Phoebe Judge as a host or you're not interested in crime but need something new to subscribe to, This is Love is, well, lovely. One episode tells of a search for the soulmate of a uniquely shaped snail, another of the mystery behind a message in a bottle that washed up on the shores of England, and another of a woman swimming off the coast of California who encounters a lost whale calf. Not your typical love stories, This is Love is an uplifting and intriguing listen when you need a break from the news. Need another good reason to listen right now? The new season just started, so there's even more positivity to brighten your day.





The crew over at Garrison Brothers Distillery has kicked off a fundraising campaign to benefit Team Rubicon and families of the hospitality industry. Their goal is to raise $2 million dollars to help those who are on the frontline, building hospitals, providing necessary tests, delivering food and helping our neighbors and the community as a whole. In return for donating, Garrison Bros will provide you with their oldest bourbon - a never-released spirit called Laguna Madre. With three levels of donation and a chance to give to an amazing cause, that's something we can raise a glass to.

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