Saturday Six CXV

Saturday Six CXV


Science, Service Industry, and Sunday Roasts - This is the Saturday Six.



As we try to find new ways to keep kids busy at home, many parents are searching for a perfect balance between fun and educational. 
Wow In the World brings us both. A podcast hosted by the charismatic Mindy Thomas (Absolutely Mindy Show and Sirius XM's Kid's Place Live Channel) and the informative Guy Raz (TED Radio Hour and How I Built This), WITW covers science, technology and discovery in a goofy way that makes learning fun. Every episode kicks off with a question and Mindy and Guy navigate the answers with playful examples, easily digestible explanations and opportunities for kids to fall in love with science in a brand new way. From the core of the Earth to the outermost reaches of space, Wow In the World is a great break from screen time, a perfect way to get kids excited about learning, and to maybe even pick up some new facts for ourselves along the way.



Out of Portland, OR,
Aviation American Gin is for even the non-gin drinkers out there. With a more subtle taste of juniper that makes it smooth enough to enjoy alone or perfect for accentuating a cocktail rather than overpowering it, it's crafted in small batches for quality rather than quantity. Ryan Reynolds (yes, the actor) is an owner and has some great clips about the company here, including one of our favorites from his appearance on Jimmy Fallon. Besides knowing that you're ordering a truly delicious tonic when you snag a bottle online, now through May 1st they're donating 30% of proceeds to the United States Bartender's Guild, so you know your purchase is helping support someone in the service industry. We'll raise our glass to that.



Although we're not able to tour our National Parks as many of us remain inside and stay safe and healthy, even during times when there isn't a global emergency it can be hard to find the time or resources to pick up and go visit these landmarks. That's why these
virtual tours through Google Earth are such an amazing opportunity even outside of the current circumstances. Ever wanted to stand under the Arches of Utah? See the cliff dwellings at Colorado's Mesa Verde? Climb inside the caverns of South Dakota's Wind Cave (but skip the claustrophobia)? You can do it all still without the hassle or price tag that comes with travel. Start exploring!



All Time
 in Los Angeles, CA, has been amazing since Tyler and Ashley Wells opened it's doors only a couple of years back, but right now this coffee bar meets delicious eatery meets fresh market is....well, what's a word that means better than awesome? In addition to their standard meal options that you can order for pickup (with contactless pay option) or delivery, they're also offering delicious "Survival Kits" that cater to your dietary needs. Carnivores, omnivores and pescatarians alike will easily find something delicious in these boxes, as well as an option to snag one of their "Sunday Roasts" - a pasture-raised bird complete with herbs and vegetables, ready to put in the oven and enjoy. Need some particular market items? Their wine shop and grocery are still open and available to you, as well as the much-valued option to snag some hand sanitizer made by a licensed nurse (follows WHO/CDC guidelines, is non-drying, paraben free, synthetic free and chemical free). Just another reason to love All Time - not that we really needed one.



In a world that feels like it changes every day, one thing has stayed the same - our need for a good cup of coffee to get our day started. Whether it's working from home, keeping kids busy and productive, or just lifting the fog, a great bag of beans is a must. 
Progress Coffee has the quality part covered, with some of our all-time favorite blends, and bags that are so artfully done you'll want to collect them. They're also going the extra mile to ensure that the policies that they have in place are fully committed to your safety and are meeting the highest standards. Right now they're not only offering 20% off when you order two or more items, they have free deliveries on everything. So go ahead - order a bag (or two) and know that you're keeping a small business going that has kept us all running in the morning for years. 



Sometimes we just need a slight push to get our motivation going when it comes to staying active.
Nudge is an app that sends easy-to-complete, fun-to-conquer activities to you based on your city and even it's current weather (currently available for Austin, San Francisco, Seattle and NYC). They've temporarily switched over to virtual, safe-at-home options, opening themselves up to be used by those of us outside of their four target cities. Check out their spreadsheet of activities here with a full list of exercise type, platform it can be viewed on, the cost (or lack of), and even live show times. They may not be able to nudge us outside at the moment, but they found a way to streamline the search for options to get us moving.

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