Saturday Six CXVI

Saturday Six CXVI


Virtual Wine Tasting, Motivational Challenges, A Chance to Donate a Meal - This is the Saturday Six.





If you haven't been to Contigo before, add that to the list of places to eat when we can head back outside. Better yet, why wait to enjoy their wares? They're offering takeout of their delicious dishes and also have a dinner for two option for pre-order. Today - chicken enchiladas with all the sides, plus you can easily add a bottle of wine to your order. Looking for something a little smaller? We suggest trying their sorghum glazed wings or their veggie burger because, like everything else they serve, it's a must-try. They also offer a list of beer and even grocery items to snag with your dinner order, as well as a chance to buy a meal for their staff for only $5 as they continue to feed their furloughed friends. Now that we've successfully made ourselves hungry just thinking about Contigo, time to put in an order!






An obvious reason to head over to the Big Cork Vineyard page is to grab yourself a bottle (or two) of one of their award winning varietals, and be sure to check out their discounts for delivery and purchases of multiple bottles while you're at it. Another reason to head over to their page? They're offering a range of interactive tastings, workshops and music performances while we sip at home. Every Wednesday you can join their master winemaker, Dave Collins, free on Zoom as he talks about different vintages while you enjoy Big Cork along with him from home. Don't miss Twisted Bluez Band on May 1st either, as they cover some of our favorite blues and jazz songs. We know we'll be hopping online to sing along.





For those of us with kids at home, we've had to find ways to explain some pretty big changes lately. Peter Attia can help with that conversation. Episode 104 of his podcast is a conversation where he sits down with his daughter Olivia and answers her questions along with what other kids are asking about COVID-19. Helpful for explaining the pandemic to our kids in ways we might have been struggling with, you might just find you'll learn a little something yourself. Not only educational, it offers an opportunity for our children to see that they're not alone in their curiosity, and there are other kids out there just like them.






As we look for more ways to stay active in a time where options are more limited, new classes, YouTube channels and Instagram Live videos have helped us with that. Sometimes motivation doesn't come from a teacher in a video as much as it may come from some healthy competition with ourselves, and ways to see our activity in numbers. That's where Strava comes in. A free app that tracks exercise ranging from swimming to hiking to even ice-skating or windsurfing, it allows you to share your successes with friends or keep it for yourself as a way to improve or be proud of what you've accomplished. You can also use it to find new routes in your area that other people have shared and enjoyed. Right now Strava understands the need to adapt our activities for social distancing, and it's created the SOLOdarity challenge to help motivate us and feel united despite the distance. All you need to complete it is 10 hours of activity before May10th and there's no requirement for when or how you do it. Not feeling it one day? Skip and do a little extra tomorrow. The SOLOdarity challenge is an awesome way to stay connected for the social exercisers, stay on track for the competitive lot, and keep us all mentally and physically healthy no matter what type we are. 





If you're a fan of dark crime dramas and you're looking for a show that will suck you in, Ozark season three was just added to Netflix. It tells the story of Marty Byrde (played by Jason Bateman) who is forced to move his family to the Ozarks after his business partner and fellow financial advisor is killed. Money laundering, the Mexican drug cartel, local criminals and a family in way over their heads - this show has all the necessities for a good binge and a bit of nail biting. Nominated for 14 (yes....14) Primetime Emmy Awards and with Bateman receiving two Golden Globes, after watching it's not hard to see why people are raving about it. Although season 3 was just released at the end of March, people (us included) are already asking about season 4. You will be too. 






We all recognize the importance of our medical workers and staff who are working day and night through the pandemic. Equally as important is keeping them healthy as they work tirelessly, sometimes skipping meals and not able to take the time to care for themselves as they take care of us. Dine 11 was created to allow us to not only support the restaurants in our neighborhoods, but the staff in our hospitals. You can head over to their site, choose your city from their list and decide how much to donate. Don't see your city there? They have a guide on how to support the healthcare workers in your area and be part of the program. One moment of giving from us leads to a free meal and care for hospital staff and volunteers, so let's take that moment to say thank you for all that they have done and continue to do. 




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