Saturday Six CXVII

Saturday Six CXVII

Festivals, Fairs & Philanthropy - This is the Saturday Six.



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Although SXSW was cancelled this year, NPR isn't letting that get in the way of enjoying the artists who were scheduled to appear. Whether or not you were planning on attending the festival back in March, the music staffers have created a list of musicians that span the genres and the continents. A great way to discover new music or listen to your already-existing favorites, The Austin 100 allows you to stream the whole collection via Spotify or Apple Music, as well as having individual pages dedicated to each artist so we can learn a bit more while we sing along. Soul, rock, R&B, folk, metal, pop, country, electronic....the list goes on. You name it, it's here. Start streaming and enjoy a little taste of SXSW from home. 






As the creative community tries to find new ways to navigate and share their crafts without being able to take part in face-to-face interactions and pop-up shops, Renegade Craft jumped in and organized a Virtual Fair. Allowing artists to connect with their community and shoppers via online studio tours, Q&A's, classes, tutorials and whatever else they hope to share, it brings art and creativity into our lives and gives us a way to support the people whose abilities we admire. Running today from 1p-3p EST, the portals and profiles that the artist's create will live on the site for a short time after the fair ends today. That means we will still have a chance to appreciate, shop, and take part in a community that can so easily bring a bit of happiness into our home, even from a distance.






Back in 2016, Tom Hardy appeared on the children's branch-off of BBC - CBeebies. Reading bedtime stories with his dog, he became one of the top viewed celebrity guests of this running series, as well as being the most recommended when it comes to requests for a return. Four years later, many adults (we don't think kids were the only ones watching this one) are getting their wish. The star of Legend, Dark Knight Rises, Mad Max: Fury Road, Inception (ok, you get it), returns for six bedtime stories starting April 27th and is joined by his dog, Blu. Although it airs at 1:50 EST for those of us in the U.S, we'll be hopping on to listen, bedtime or not.






Self-described as a platform that embraces art as a form of escapism, TeaTime Pictures was founded at a perfect time for that kind of endeavor. The company was started by a former Netflix development exec, Ro Donnelly, and a face you'll probably recognize; Dakota Johnson from The Peanut Butter Falconthe Fifty Shades franchise and The Social NetworkWhy are they featured in this Saturday Six? Because we're loving their weekly Top Ten posts on Instagram that appear every Friday to suggest what to binge-watch through the weekend. Featuring the dates and platforms you can find them on, you might just discover one of your new favorite shows or movies. We know we are.






Whether you have kids at home to entertain, or you're an adult like us that just loves the solar system and space, the Houston Space Center app offers free exploration from home. Tours of the center, a chance to hunt for moon rocks, virtual reality trips to the planets beyond our imagination, it's all there and that's just the beginning. With fun filters, new demonstrations, featured speakers, and endless information, the sky is the limit with this one. 






The satisfaction of giving to a good cause is more than enough of a reason to donate during the pandemic, and we've seen so many of you go above and beyond. All In sees the philanthropy across the country and is offering an added opportunity for fundraising, giving 100% of their proceeds to charities that feed those in need. We love seeing the wide range of awesome things people can win when they donate as little as $10. A chance to play 5-on-5 with David Beckham, a shot at beating Bill Murray in golf, a walk-on role in a Scorsese film with Leonardo DiCaprio and De Niro...holy cow. Check out their full list here and get ready to be blown away by their humanitarianism and the wide range of prizes and auction items that can be won when we give back to those who need it most.

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