Saturday Six CXVIII

Saturday Six CXVIII


Mary Mix, Massage, Mother's Day - This is the Saturday Six.





Better Half Bar in Austin is bringing weekend brunch to you, without the long lines or crowded tables. Along with all of their delicious menu options for pickup or delivery (Waffle Iron Hashbrowns, Chicken and Biscuit Sando, chicken burgers and veggie burgers and mushroom burgers and more), they also are making it a true brunch with their Blood Mary Pack. Vodka, Bloody Mary mix, pickled green beans and all the rest of the fixings are included, and the pack can make 6 of the Better Half standard servings. We're always for a good breakfast and we couldn't wait to add a little pick-me-up to our weekend routine. Cheers!





Sukha Yoga offers a workshop on Thai massage every year. Although it has sold out early in the past, with yoga studios moving to virtual practice, this relaxing workshop just made itself more available than ever. Tomorrow you can join from 2p-5p CST for meditation, breathwork, stretching, and the best part of all - massage. All you need is your partner, a blanket and some pillows. For $75 a couple, this is a great way to relieve some of that stress we've all been building up and to gain a great tool to ensure you keep it away. 





Launched on Earth Day, this new opportunity for education and an enhanced connection to nature was brought about by over 30 organizations (National Geographic, WWF, BBC and more). They recognized the importance of continued learning for all ages as we struggle to stay connected, and because of this the Earth School was born. Videos, articles, activities, and lessons; they've been translated into ten languages and are designed for ages 5 to 18, although they easily appeal to those of us who are a bit older. As many parents find themselves playing a role in their child's education, TED-Ed and the United Nations Environment Programme just handed us a great tool. We're excited to get started.





Looking for a great way to show your mom or partner that you're thinking of her this upcoming Mother's Day? Love Goodly offers subscription boxes full of products that are non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan, made in the USA and that put fair trade and sustainability first. The benefits don't stop there. Subscribe in May and you'll be supporting Farm Sanctuary; an added perk for the animal lovers out there. With bimonthly and VIP bimonthly subscription options, you can also send mom a single box or even shop their collection here if you want to pick and choose yourself. We're all for at-home self-care right now, but don't forget about mom!





Satire. A true story. An award winning cast. One heck of a scandal. Bad Education is now on HBO and if you're looking for something to add to your watch list, we suggest putting this one near the top. A superintendent (Hugh Jackman) and his assistant (Allison Janney), are caught up in lies, secrecy and a hunt for the truth by a school journalist. Injecting dark humor into this real life story of embezzlement and scheming, this will have you laughing, shaking your head and telling your friends, "You have to watch this movie I just saw..."





We're hearing the suggestion that it's the perfect time to be creative, but sometimes you just need that added motivation. Bagavagabonds has you covered. Now until June 1st, they are throwing out the theme of "Space," and all of us can run with it. No matter the medium, they want to see you work. Send it in and they'll be posting to their Instagram as well as celebrating the art at their gallery when they're able to reopen. Need an even better reason to create? Art will be auctioned off and 100% of the proceeds will go to NOKIDHUNGRY. Get drawing, painting, sculpting, photographing and in no time you'll be giving. 



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