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Saturday Six CXX




For the last 18 years, Radiolab has delivered science and philosophy to listeners through easily digestible, light-hearted reporting from cohosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich. While the original show delves deep into a wide range of subjects, they've created a family-friendly way to deliver this info to a younger crowd. Radiolab for Kids pulls from their archives and gives us stories about music, math, space, nature, time - it's all there and ready to feed young, curious minds. We were excited to revisit some of the episodes and witness their value through another generation's listening experience. 





Located in the courtyard of the South Congress Hotel in Austin, Mañana is a coffee shop and bakery with a rotating menu created by Executive Pastry Chef Lindsay Flagg. Every treat is better than the last and you're always sure to have a hard time choosing just one (or even two) to enjoy. Luckily all of their goodies are available right now to order online and take home with you, plus they still have a few of their house-made paleta and ice cream treats available to beat the heat. 






If you're not sure what to read next or you like a good surprise, Half Price Books offers grab bags by genre. For only $10, you choose the subject and they send a selection of gently used books to you or a fellow bookworm of your choice. With children's picture booksmysterycomics and even DVD and CD options, it's a fun way to break the summer reading slump and maybe even discover your new favorite book. 





Originally not for sale when they first spotted it, Samantha and Sean had patience and some luck when they saved this 1860s farmhouse from it's demolition day. As an architect and a designer, this couple has taken on the project of restoring the house to it's former glory while bringing us all along for the ride. Already two years into their journey, there is plenty to scroll through and look back on, plus lots more to look forward to. Once you're caught up, they also have a blog for more in depth details and what it's like sharing their story on Instagram.





While recording their album Queens of the Breakers back in 2017, a couple tracks didn't make it into the album by The Barr Brothers. These two previously unreleased songs are now available as a mini EP and we just wish it was longer. The result of an improvised, live session, the song of the same name, Red Moth Solar Companionis a beautifully composed instrumental story about "a patient journey through the heart of a star," says guitarist Brad Barr. Saint Ceciliathe second song on the album, kicks in with vocals and is the perfect accompaniment to your day-to-day. 






There's just something about receiving a letter in the mail that beats getting an email or text. It shows effort and care while delivering a genuine connection that's becoming more and more rare in the age of technology. That's why 18 Million Thanks has created a great way for each of us to show our appreciation for healthcare workers when they need to feel it most. Whether you make a card or buy one, they have a long list of hospitals that would love to receive a note from you, however short or long. Something that would only take moments can have a lasting impression, and that sounds worth it to us. 

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