Saturday Six CXXVII

Saturday Six CXXVII


WATCH | Watch From Home Theater - IGN


With so many options to watch movies and tv shows live with friends and family, IGN has taken it one step further with their Watch From Home Theater. They offer livestreams just like our other favorite platforms do, but they throw in a special guest. Watch their weekly releases with cast members, writers, directors and more, plus you can dive back into the archive and see the movies and WFH episodes that you've missed. With behind-the-scenes secrets and never-before-told stories, this is the one time we welcome someone talking during the movie.




EAT | Black Krim


If you happen to live in or find yourself in Vermont, swing by the small town of Randolph to enjoy this culinary hidden gem. Tucked away on Merchant's Row, Black Krim is farm-to-table style with food that is fresh and locally sourced from their own farm (Pebble Brook) as well as from their friends and neighbors in the surrounding area. Their menu changes daily as they offer the best selection and in-season ingredients. This week's menu items range from a Portobello Wellington to Tandoori Roasted Salmon or even Jamaican Jerk Beef Tacos. They offer takeout as well as outdoor seating, but we recommend making a reservation before you go. You'll find you won't be the only one going out of their way to explore what's on the menu this week. 



ADMIRE | YoYo Lander

At first sight you can tell that the artwork created by YoYo Lander is graceful, unique, and passionately conceived. Each piece begins with multiple photographs of the subject which she then combines and converts into cut and dyed pieces of watercolor paper. These are then placed over rough sketches, producing an intimate and extraordinary final product. Complex and vulnerable, scrolling through her gallery you're sure to pause and find yourself admiring the details of everyday poses and positions in a whole new light.



art by kyle stecker


READ | Haruki Murakami "On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning"


Not quite a love story, not quite a fantasy, this short piece by bestselling author, Haruki Murakami, explores what it's like to pass by your perfect match on the street before losing them in the crowd, and of the things you think to say after it's already too late. A quick and easy read, it's a simple monologue and a great introduction to the relatable writing style of Murakami. A short-lived and simple musing about the relationships we imagine, his storytelling is light and approachable, and a perfect start before diving into some of his longer novels that you're sure to fall in love with. 




INDULGE | Wisk Baking Co.

With a location in Utica, NY, we stumbled upon their Old Forge location during a drive through the Adirondacks. The only thing more engaging than the interior of the boutique style bakery are the eye-catching pastries that they make from scratch. Have you ever described a cannoli as stunning? Have you ever had a cupcake in front of you that was almost too nice to eat? You'll know what we mean after you visit. Wisk's treats taste as good as they look, so show up hungry and with a sweet tooth ready to be satisfied. 




LISTEN |  Haux "Violence In A Quiet Mind"

Woodson Black, the singer and songwriter behind Haux, recently released a new album that explores emotional themes in a gentle and haunting style. For fans of Bon Iver or Novo Amor, this will be a welcome addition to your music collection, while newcomers to this style will be easily drawn in by the moving lyrics and strong storytelling. Although not an album you will be dancing to, we found ourselves listening closely as he moved through the narrative that Violence In A Quiet Mind created. We found it to be not only vulnerable and well-written, but relatable and a perfect companion to navigate through our quieter moments in the day.

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