Saturday Six Vol 127

Saturday Six Vol 127


SHOP | Bridge & Burn Reopening


On August 6th, our friends at Bridge & Burn reopened the doors to their Portland brick and mortar. Ensuring people that their shopping experience will be safe and healthy, they put multiple new policies into place, from cleaning surfaces throughout the entire day to requiring masks (or supplying one in case you forget yours) to limiting the number of customers allowed in the store to 5 at a time. Open Tuesday through Sunday, stop by and shop their summer restock sale and treat yourself with some much needed retail therapy.  



artwork by hans baltzer

LISTEN | The Sunday Read 'A Speck in the Sea'


Paul Tough's short story, A Speck in the Sea, was recently featured in audio form on the Sunday Read, a weekly podcast released by the New York Times. The story of John Aldridge, a fisherman who went overboard and was lost at sea, is captivating and horrifying in it's detailed descriptions from both sides of experience - as the fisherman floating in the middle of the ocean and as the people searching blindly for any sign of him. Paul Tough explains, "This year I think when we're all more isolated and cut off and quarantined than we have been before, there's something about the isolation that he felt with all these people trying to reach him and trying to connect to him, but the barrier of the sea being between him and them, that really resonates more than ever." You can read it in it's written form or head over to The Daily and give it a listen.




CLEANSE | Herbivore Bamboo & Charcoal Soap


So maybe going out like we used to is a thing of the past, but that doesn't mean that when we do venture to the grocery store or head out on walks with the dog, we don't want to look our best. Enter the Bamboo and Charcoal cleansing bar. No matter what kind of skin you have (oily, combination, acne-prone or dry) this bar of soap packs one heck of a punch and makes sure we're heading out looking cleansed, hydrated and refreshed. There's a good reason that you see charcoal as an ingredient everywhere  - it works hard and cleans well. Lather up with this mix of coconut, olive oil and charcoal, and head out with confident skin. 




WATCH | The Movies That Made Us


Although this came out back in November, it's been a whirlwind of a year so we wouldn't be surprised if this one flew under your radar. A four-part docuseries on Netflix, The Movies That Made Us dives into four classics and what happened behind the scenes and when the cameras were off. No matter what genre you gravitated towards when these came out, you're sure to have seen at least one (if not all like we have). Home AloneGhostbustersDie Hard and Dirty Dancing - put this on and get ready to see your old favorite (or favorites) in a whole new light. 




FOLLOW |  Andre D Wagner


We love photography that captures the everyday. Relatable and approachable art that gives us a view into the lives of people across the street, across the city, or across the county. Andre D Wagner delivers this perfectly, photographing daily life on the streets of Brooklyn where he lives and works. Exploring themes of class, culture and community, give his Instagram a follow and you'll find scenes you know and recognize, amplified beautifully with his ability to capture them in a whole new light. 




SEND | Tag Teacher Gift Box


As classrooms and schools reopen their doors, we're looking for ways to say thank you to the teachers who are stepping in and keeping our kids safe while they learn. Tag Coffee out of San Antonio made it even easier, with Teacher's Gift Boxes, delivered all over the county and personalized by you. Each box comes with magnets, pencils, a handwritten note, your choice of coffee pods or beans, and a mug to enjoy it in. Our gratitude for teachers isn't going anywhere, and the Tag Gift Box is a great way to start off saying thanks for all that they do. 

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