Saturday Six III

Saturday Six III


Hurry:  SXSW
The denizens of the city of Austin can be divided quite simply into 2 categories - those who run towards SXSW and those who run from SXSW. If you are one who runs toward it and have yet to attain all of your badges and tickets and AirBnbs and hotel rooms and maps, etc etc, etc. then you better get on it.
Here it is in all it’s ever growing glory. Want some SXSW history? See the first year’s line ups here. Super cool.



Watch: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
A few years ago Jerry Seinfeld started this series online, and now all of the episodes to date are available on Netflix. It’s hilarious, surprisingly personal and somewhat endearing. The series is not only about Seinfeld picking up other stars in his insanely awesome cars. You also get to watch and listen to these comedians and actors and politicians and more talk about real things around and outside of their relationship with Jerry - and they always end up at some diner getting coffee. It’s also fun to watch people’s responses when they walk in and sit down. Great series that is definitely worth the watch. Even cooler, the episodes are pretty short so if there’s a guest you don’t want to watch (which we’d be surprised if there’s not) you have the power of your remote control in your hand (or your voice to Alexa or Siri) to do whatever the heck you want to, and that feels good.  


Stay: The Phoenix in SF
Our great pals from Bunkhouse recently took over this joint and blessed it with their Midas Touch. This basically means they made it cool as all get out, and it will only get better as time progresses. Why? Because like all art, their projects supercede what others consider necessary approvals. Bunkhouse builds, opens and refurbishes some of the most approachably chic accommodations in the country (and Mexico.) Dig it.


Listen: TYCHO

Scott Hansen aka ISO50 aka TYCHO has been touring the planet non-stop for a few years now, and his music, visuals and band speak for themselves. He’s always been an amazing artist in so many realms, and because he never stops working he’s doing a cool mini tour solo DJ Set. You can listen here to his DJ Set from last year and see below where he’ll be on the tour - if it’s in your city we highly suggest you check it out! You can buy tickets here and see where the whole band is touring too.

MAR 03 - Dallas, TX - Stereo
MAR 04 - Houston, TX - Stereo
MAR 07 - Boston, MA - Icon
MAR 08 - Brooklyn, NY - Output
MAR 10 - Washington, D.C. - Flash


Attend: Art opening for Abi Daniel’s “Lone Folklore” Thursday, February 8, 6PM - 8PM at HELM Boots 1200 E 11th St #101, Austin, TX 78702


Her work is stunning, the detail incomparable. Her featured pieces at this show will be burned on raw-edged urban-harvested wood. Her work plays with visual language and is influenced by gothic fairytales, fables, parables, and superstitions. If you’re in Austin, don’t miss this.


Drink: Brew Dr. Kombucha

Kombucha is “a beverage produced by fermenting sweet tea with a culture of yeast and bacteria” and supposedly super good for your gut health, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about. We know Kombucha has a bum rap for some, while others praise it as a hallowed elixir, so all we want to say here is that this stuff is boss. Super boss. Every flavor they make is seriously wow good, and a majority of our staff is now drinking it with extreme pleasure. So not only do we have Kombucha converts, we’ve had one staff member get off soda completely and another cut their coffee intake in half (not that coffee is a bad thing it just doesn’t help this particular dude with his afternoon crashes, and Brew Dr. makes him happy.) Nooice! So whether you’re, “Yeah Kombucha!” or “No thanks!” we highly suggest you try this one. We think this so wholeheartedly that we actually stock it at the HELM store, and if you come in we’ll hook you up with one. Just try it Mikey, you’ll like it!

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