Saturday Six IX

Saturday Six IX

A Warehouse Sale in DTLA, water that Rambles, an art magazine that deserves your eyeballs, an out of tune piano that led to the most album sales in history, a hotel that has 15 rooms but is called Eleven, and last but not least, a masterful music mix by one of our very own. It’s now time for the Saturday Six Volume IX.



Refresh: Rambler Water

We're excited for our friends at Rambler, who are unveiling a one-of-a-kind Texas Limestone Filtered Sparkling Water. Why do we love it? Well, it’s not LaCroix and it’s not Topo Chico - those are both fine and all - but when you’re walking around with a can of Rambler in your hand you’re a hell of a lot cooler than the people who aren’t. Rambler is born in Austin and bottled in Texas. Look for it this spring and beyond at your favorite spots. Rumor has it we keep some around the HELM store...just sayin’ that if you want a taste we might do you a solid and hook you up.


Watch: TED Talk About Keith Jarrett and The Köln Concert  

Jazz fan or not, you gotta hear this story (and this album if you’re down for it after you read the story - it’s worth it). On TED Global London, Tim Hartford discusses “How Frustration Can Make Us More Creative.” So that’s a cool title as is, but after you hear what pianist Keith Jarrett did in a situation that he could have just as easily quit on, we bet you’ll think twice about taking on the next challenge that comes your way. If you want to read more about the concert itself here are some really cool details and interesting facts.      

Stay: Hotel Eleven

East 11th in Austin is where it’s happening (including the HELM flagship store.) Just across the street from us is Hotel Eleven, and it’s super fresh. It’s an intimate boutique hotel with 14 unique guest rooms, a street-facing café-meets-craft beer & wine bar, plenty of outdoor covered patios and a rooftop with amazing views of the city. Being street front, the rooms still offer comfortable privacy. The stylish accommodations here offer sleek and affordable luxury that is a solid stay for guests who are looking for something that’s tasteful and East!


Subscribe: fields Magazine

First of all, creating and maintaining almost anything in print these days is really hard work. Add to that the content being art, music and literature and the labor of love has doubled. Now that we’ve covered that, let’s get to one of the best of them. fields is a print publication designed to spotlight writers, musicians, poets, painters, illustrators, and creative types of all stripes, with an emphasis on the up and coming and the unsung. We back this periodical for many reasons, but the fact that they are interested in the everyday people who create and express themselves in multitudinous ways makes us want to shout if from the hill tops. fields is about the idiosyncratic pursuits that occupy our time and enrich our lives. In a world where art and literature have become primarily digital (and sometimes skip the true tangible makers for the bottom line) these articles, interviews and essays are an exploration and celebration of the means by which the human spirit truly manifests itself - and on paper if you so please. We think that’s reason enough to pick up a copy...or two.


Listen: Click this link to listen to the mix “Anytime Jams” - choice tunes of our very own smart and lovely Becca Jahnke.      

Attend: Warehouse Sale in DTLA

Los Angeles! We're coming for you. One weekend only, HELM will be joining a group of amazing brands for the Warehouse Sale. Up to 80% off of select styles, and only for you.
Stop by TODAY March 17th or 18th from 11a - 5p to get everything you need at a big fat discount!      

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