Saturday Six L

Saturday Six L

7 Days
Small Town Treasure
7 Lessons
Grimm Tales
Little Brother
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This is the Saturday Six Vol. L




This series documents behind the scenes looks of some of the largest events in the world. We loved it for multiple reasons, one being the reality of the people and events - nothing overdone - every-day people who work their asses off to go above and beyond, seeking excellence while attaining a sense of pride and accomplishment they can only find in relentlessly pursuing their passions. This docuseries gives viewers an intimate look at the excitement and drama of the seven days leading up to significant historical and cultural events. "7 Days Out" offers a look at the week leading up to events that include the Kentucky Derby, NASAending the Cassini Satellite Mission, the reopening of the Eleven Madison Park restaurant, the Westminster Dog Show, Chanel's Haute Couture fashion show, and the "League of Legends" esports championship.  You don’t have to be into fashion, food, sports or space to enjoy this courageous and heartfelt series.




Smithville, TX has a few hidden gems in their small downtown historic district from the 1800’s. Antique shops, a general store and a handful of special places to drink and dine are a few of these treasures. Somewhat less known for its film scene (i.e. Hope Floats, Tree of Life, and many more), we were lucky enough to see flashing lights and A LOT of smoke for what we were told was a large production involving zombies. The apocalypse aside, the Back Door Cafe was our choice that night, and we’ll be going back sooner rather than later. The space was charming, quaint, and casual, and the ambiance (accompanied by the tastefully adjoining antique shop) was just right. The menu is ever changing based on local ingredients, and we picked the chicken fried chicken served with mashed potatoes, which was like a more elegant version of the same divine dish at Grandma’s house - fresh and delicious, served hot and with heart. The dessert was another story. Locally made Bone Spirits Bourbon with Belgian Chocolate Cream Pie. Need we say more?



In this mind-bending introduction to modern physics, Carlo Rovelli explains Einstein's theory of general relativity, quantum mechanics, black holes, the complex architecture of the universe, elementary particles, gravity, and the nature of the mind. Not since Richard Feynman's celebrated best-seller, Six Easy Pieces, has physics been so vividly, intelligently, and delightfully revealed. A short book of 87 pages that stretches his deep interests and studies of physics into what reads almost like a love poem. Carlo Rovelli is a theoretical physicist who has made significant contributions to the physics of space and time. He has worked in Italy and the US, and is currently directing the quantum gravity research group of the Centre de Physique Théorique in Marseille, France. Here’s a great 5 minute interview with him about the book.



The dates aren’t until the end of March, but now is the time to get your tickets to Grimm Tales World Premiere: Commissioned by the Butler New Choreography Endowment.

They were meant to guide us and keep us on the straight and narrow, but many of the saccharin stories we were told as children started as grim reminders of what happens when naiveté meets wickedness, and the balance between good and evil is in question. In this new, full-length work, Artistic Director Stephen Mills delves into the underbelly of some of your favorite fairy tales and shows us the real beauty of the lessons they impart. Inspired by the visual art of Natalie Frank, the world premiere of Grimm Tales will leave you unsettled, unafraid, and undeniably hungry for more. Watch the preview here. This’ll be a good one.




Little Brother recently opened at 89 Rainey Street. They are serving coffee, cocktails, and sandwiches - and it’s aptly named since only eight people fit inside! The secret sauce is the dudes behind it all (Wright Bros, Better Half, etc), so it’s a guarantee you’re getting the best of what Austin has to offer. They say, “Late nights, early mornings, no regulars.”  But we’re going to rebut that last part because well, we’re already regulars.




Whether it’s photos of dogs or of people with their dog(s), Zilker Bark is outstandingly enjoyable. If you can look at these pics without giggling or getting the warm fuzzies, you should probably visit the doc. There’s even a book now, and you can schedule your own photo shoots. Alex Hopes is a true lover of K9s, and his skills are sensational. For quick fixes of happiness, visit the ZB Insta account here! Scroll away and it'll make your day so much better.

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