Saturday Six LIV

Saturday Six LIV


Photos - Clothes - Punks - Theatre - Coffee and Watches. That sounds about right for the Saturday Six LIV




When a super talented artist goes to areas they might not otherwise go to find their content and inspiration, there’s usually much to be found. Wesley Verhoeve does just that. Without judgement, without a forceful intent and only seeking beauty and new things to learn, he builds relationships and a community through his work, and his work isn’t easy. The travel and hours that he puts in are many, and because of his ventures we get to enjoy the results. Be sure to look through the portraits on his website, and you can watch a video with a little more about him here.  




Bukowski once said that life is profound in its simplicity, so maybe with this in mind these guys started this stark and simple brand, their mantra being, “Elevate-Simplicity.” Some cool photos and videos with sweet production currently adorn their website, with only a few honest, uncomplicated wears. Tantalizing as they are, this is all that exists thus far, but it sounds like they have some big plans, so stay tuned because we’re looking forward to seeing what’s next!





“No plans. No permits. Total anarchy. In hopes that would inspire future generations.” Before there was Burning Man, there was Desolation Center. From 1983 to 1985, hundreds of punks trekked to and gathered in the Mojave Desert to attend D.I.Y. concerts that were part of what became known as the “Desolation Center.” Below is the beginning of the recent NYT article about it, and it’s a great read. Whether you’re a punk rock fan or not, it is definitely worth knowing the history. There’s a film about it coming out this year, and you can watch the preview here. “Under the first full moon of 1985, the psychedelic punk band Meat Puppets shredded in the depths of the Mojave Desert, powered by a generator and surrounded by incandescent cactuses. Some 500 pink-haired, leather-clad punks had traveled — many in a caravan of yellow school buses — from downtown Los Angeles to what was advertised only as a ‘remote desert location’.”




Many famous people’s public personas can be much different than the personas those closest to them know, and what family might experience can be an even more extreme contrast. This film is about the infamous playwright and giant of American theatre, Arthur Miller (see: Death of a Salesman, the Crucible). It is told from the unique perspective of his daughter, filmmaker Rebecca Miller. An illuminating portrait that combines interviews spanning decades and a wealth of personal archival material provides new insights into Miller’s life as an artist and exploring his character in all its complexity. Sad, prolific, intimate and enduring - if you appreciate creativity and writing, this is one to watch.





Austin brothers Paul and Sean Henry are busy guys. They built their first Houndstooth in Austin, where there are now three locations and they’ve opened three more in Dallas. With their mantra, “The Pattern of Coffee and People,” they focus on thoroughly attentive and passionate coffee production with sincere service. Their cocktail bar venture in Dallas, called Jettison, is influencing the other locations so that the morning crowd also becomes the night crowd. They also have their own roastery, called TWEED, from which they release some tantalizing beans if we do say so ourselves.  “If we can bring good people and good coffee together, we can create a pattern that will last a long time,” says Paul. You can taste it all in each location. Go visit one and see for yourself.




Watches. We love them. They don’t have to be fancy, but fancy is just fine. Entry level, middle ground, top of the tops - we think all watches that have character and class are swell and, not unlike footwear, say a lot about the person wearing them. The main goal is to feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing, so whether that’s a fifty dollar watch or a fifty gazillion dollar watch, we say to each their own. That said, we like to browse Worn and Woundoften. Their website and instagram are both strong, as they have the best watch brands, reviews, articles, videos, and even a podcast. Their Instagram is @wornandwound, and you can also check out @windupwatchshop for a collection of wind-up watches you won't find anywhere else. This website is solid as well. The time is now! (Dangit, we always gotta end with something silly, don’t we?)

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