Saturday Six LIX

Saturday Six LIX

Books in National Prisons
Epoch in California
Detectives in Arkansas
The Radar in Portland
The Failed Prison Escape in Tennessee
And Art in West Austin
This is the Saturday Six Vol. LIX





Whatever your thoughts are on criminals, incarceration, or the prison system in our country, we think that this is a cause you can get behind. Inside Books receives requests from inmates for books and resource guides, and what they send back becomes the personal property of the prisoner who requested them. I.B. volunteers receive tens of thousands of requests annually, sends out twice as many books, and learns about the hopes and challenges of Texas inmates by personally responding to each of them. They believe that every prisoner has the right to quality reading and educational materials, and that reading, learning, and self-expression are invaluable opportunities that are too often denied to inmates. Cuts to prison education programs and libraries continue to highlight the emphasis on punishment over rehabilitation. The benefits of literacy in inmates’ post-incarceration lives have been well-documented, and evidence points to a beneficial relationship between additional reading and increased literacy. You can volunteer, donate funds or donate books.




You’ll often hear Tycho’s music playing in our store or studio, and we’ve always said it’s perfect music for getting work done (it’s also perfect for traveling.) Atmospheric and ambient, energizing and transcendent - creative productivity is enhanced by the progressive and beautiful sounds. When it comes to this latest release, an epoch is defined as an extended period of time typically characterized by a distinctive development or by a memorable series of events. Scott Hansen, leader of the band Tycho, has named their new album Epoch with that in mind. The last installment in a trilogy, Epoch is the culmination of more than a decade’s work that has seen the band evolving and maturing through two sublime releases Dive (2011) and Awake (2014), and developing from featuring Hansen as a delicate solo performer into the iconic frontman of a powerful, multi-layered live band performing on the world’s largest stages.





For those of you who’ve seen the first season of True Detective (with Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey), it’s pretty much impossible to consider any season to ever live up to it, but this 3rd season definitely puts the 2nd season to shame and is quite worthwhile. Based in 1980, two children go missing a week after Halloween in small town Arkansas. Come 2015, retired detective Wayne Hays (Mahershala Ali), who originally investigated the crime, is asked to look back on the twists of the unsolved case. Driven by Ali's mesmerizing performance and accompanied by Stephen Dorff’s impressively steadfast character, this is an exciting and fresh perspective of exploring real world events.





Our home-town is Austin, but some of our team is in Portland, so when we’re not in ATX you’ll find us in PDX. When there, Radar is easily one of our top choice eateries. It’s a one-of-a-kind neighborhood gem owned by husband and wife team, Chef Jonathan Berube and Lily Tollefsen. They combine Mid-Atlantic and American bistro cuisine with responsibly sourced ingredients from Oregon’s bounty. The full-service restaurant and bar, located on bustling Mississippi Avenue, offers a menu that is unique and approachable, inspired by Lily and Jonathan’s vast East and West Coast culinary experiences. The outstanding beverage program was designed in collaboration with longtime friend Alex Day of Death & Co. in New York, which basically means every drink on the menu is impeccable. The open kitchen allows a chance to watch the chef in action. The cauliflower fritters with bravas sauce and the Tasmanian Sea Trout are just two of our favorites - delectable dinner options galore! Brunch? The Cinnamon Sugar Fry bread with Maple Cream Cheese Sauce, or the sausage-wrapped Scotch Egg with horseradish aioli - oh dear, it’s all so delish. Just go!



“If you’re going to face a real challenge, you can’t accomplish anything without the possibility of failure.” What in the heck is the deal with all of these push yourself to the limits of mental and physical endurance, determination, and perseverance documentaries? Whatever it is, we’re hooked. The rivalry, self preservation, competitive nature and victorious elation of accomplishing the challenge is something we can’t get enough of. Sharing the effort and experiencing the impossible is just so dang inspiring, so here’s another one. A tiny town in Tennessee is the most unlikely of places you would expect to find the hardest trail race in the world. The Barkley Marathons only accepts 35 runners each year, via secret application process, and was created by ultrarunner Lazarus Lake, as a mockery of a famously failed 1977 prison escape that lasted 54 hours. On this ever-changing and unmarked course, participants battle through treacherous terrain to find hidden books as proof of following the route. If they make it to the end, they’ll have climbed and descended twice the height of Mount Everest in under 60 hours. In its first 25 years, only 10 people have finished The Barkley Marathons. This cult like race tempts people from around the world to test their limits of physical and mental endurance in this documentary that contemplates the value of pain. The clock is tickin’ so run for it!




Presented by the ever tenacious Big Medium (who also hosts the always incredible EAST Studio Tour), we’re super excited for the WEST Tour this year. This one isn’t until May, but in case you haven’t already seen it, we want to give you a heads up so you can. The artists names were just released this week, and you can see them here. What a line up! You have 25 days to start getting your walking legs and sneakers ready to shuffle the West side and consume this abundance of brilliant art.

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