Saturday Six LVIII

Saturday Six LVIII


Hot Luck
Desert Runs
Music Scores
Coffee Brews
Devil’s River
Freenote Cloth
It’s time for the Saturday Six Vol. LVIII



When you hear the word “festival” in Austin, you often think of music. But if you don’t know about it yet, the Hot Luck Fest is so much more. The best chefs, the best food, the best bands, the best music - it’s all there. The HFL returns in its third year, Memorial Day Weekend, May 23 - 26. Known as the premier culinary and music festival in Austin, the backyard traveling party celebrates all things food and music. Tickets for the three-day festival went on sale this week at Full chef/music lineup is on the site and wow, is it a zinger! Get ‘em while they’re hot! (Sorry, that was too easy.)




This is one of those “why in the hell would anyone do this kind of thing?” documentaries, which is actually one of the main reasons why we like it. A group of non-professional athletes running an ultramarathon to prove to themselves that they can do it. A 33 year old business man realized he was having trouble breathing from walking up the stairs, so he decided to take up running. A 56 year old father telling his kids to do whatever they want in life as long as they’re passionate about it, so he takes to this. The 25 year old girl who made a promise to herself, or the 41 year old soldier whose life was turned upside down so he’s running to process his grief. You gotta see this. It’s absurd, astounding and wildly illogical while at the same time, beautiful, inspiring and challenging.




In the last Saturday Six, we featured the best soundtracks, and now it’s time for the best scores. This list is more than worth the time to go through as well. Some of our faves? Danny Elfman’s Batman. Philip Glass’s The Hours. JAWS!’s all so good! Put your headphones on, turn it up and get ready to line some old ones up for movie night!




A well respected competitive coffee maker and taster we know said, “My number one tip for making espresso at home is don’t!” When you drink well-pulled espresso at coffee shops and then have the dream of doing such at home, it just doesn’t turn out the same. But when it comes to brewing coffee at home, if you have the right brewer you can do it like a pro every time. Now there are the coffee aficionados who go above and beyond the norm with their grinders and scales and so on and so forth, but if you’re just gonna buy, grind and brew, we’ve discovered that the choices in this article are pretty right on. We use the simple Bonavita 8-cup, but don’t think you can go wrong with any of their top 7. It’s brew time!




We are always super excited when Nick posts new work on his Instagram account because then we know we can go pick up the magazine he shot the cover and spread for, or hopefully even find a show of his work so we can see the pieces in full glory. He seeks and finds the people, faces, lands and locations we otherwise wouldn’t get to see. He gives us the opportunity to experience cultures and habitats otherwise concealed. From floating the Devil’s River to ATV’s in the El Paso sands, the architecture and landscapes of Iceland to shooting for the band Whitney (“You’ve Got a Woman”) - it’s a chance to find the beauty in it all. Nick’s work is subtle yet bold, calm yet demanding. One of the most amazing, colorful, insightful and moving shows we’ve ever seen was his work titled “La Charreada”. Don’t miss his stunning portraits, including the black and whites.





Not new to the game, the guys at Freenote are smart, and their clothing is solid. Well made, considerate, and ready to be worn hard, Freenote is a classic menswear collection manufactured exclusively in the United States. Pulling off U.S. made ain’t easy, and doing it with style and class is far from common. That said, peruse their denim, wovens, and button downs. We personally love their chinos, waxed canvas jackets and pocket tees. Give ‘em a shot! You won’t be disappointed.

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