Saturday Six LXV

Saturday Six LXV


A Gospel of Doubt
A Video that Sees You
A Tree that Wishes
A Bagel that Rocks
A Tennis Match in Cuba
A Peached Tortilla
This is your Saturday Six Vol.LXV



Casey Gerald came from very little, yet made his own way and went to Yale, where he majored in political science and played varsity football. After receiving an MBA from Harvard Business School, he co-founded MBA’s Across America. In this Ted Talk, he presents what he calls “The Gospel of Doubt.” Over the course of his life, many of Casey’s core beliefs have failed him. He's learned for himself that clear-eyed doubt can sometimes be better than belief. From Y2K to God’s return to the earth, Gerald discusses reaching for something to believe in, kneeling at any and every altar - success, money, power  - and finding that all of these gods come up short. What if humble doubt is more valuable than blind faith? Wherever you stand, this talk is comedic and tragic, soulful and moving, and somehow reassuring.





One of our favorite bands is Missio, and they recently released a video for their new song, I See You. It’s definitely worth a watch. The song is powerful on its own, and the message that the video further shares is just as strong. In an age of social media and lack of true human connection and interaction, so many of us can be isolated and feel alone. This is a call to finding the people out there who love and accept you and want to be with you, the ones who are like you and you can relate to. It might just mean taking off your mask, getting off your screens, and searching for your people.





Written by bestselling author, Katherine Applegate, this warm and thoughtful story is told from the perspective of an ancient oak tree who has seen it’s fair share of life and, over the years, many people and animals who have come to depend on it. When tensions rise in the community, the issues are simply put, deeply complicated and so important. The book is shorter in length and presented for middle grade readers, while the plot is enduring and important for grown-ups as well. We recommend it for any age.





A good bagel made the right way isn’t always easy to find - unless of course you’re in New York. So are there really traditional New York-style bagels in Austin? Yep! Fermented, boiled, and freshly baked, there’s Rockstar Bagels. You can grab ‘em by the dozen or toasted with cream cheese. You can also get a yummy sandwich, or bagels as we think they should be - Lox with the works! You can visit their walk up window for breakfast and lunch 7 days a week, and they’re also available in wholesale locations across the city. Bagel time!





Certain photographers have a special eye for subject matters that not just anyone can see. Some shoot magnificent landscapes of mountains and trees, others capture fascinating shots of nature and animals, and then there are those who focus on exquisite and elegant models. Not Abigail Enright. She seeks and finds the hidden beauty in the day to day. Everything from the honest folks on the pier in Galveston, to the pride of the culture at the Tejano Super Car Show.  From the passion of the small league Austin baseball players on the diamond to the local tennis players on the concrete courts of Cuba. You can see more of her work on her website and we’re especially fond of her illustrative work. Follow Abigail here on Instagram - you’ll be glad you did.





Eric Silverstein’s background in Asian food culture began as a child in Japan and, later in life, his immersion in Southern and Southwestern cuisine. That diverse background informed his cooking at his Austin-based restaurant, The Peached Tortilla. This book tells the compelling story of his journey from ex-lawyer to food truck owner and eventually multi-restaurant operator. Part cookbook, part memoir, it includes one hundred recipes that span his early food truck days all the way to the first brick and mortar restaurant. The flavor-packed recipes here include many of The Peached Tortilla’s most-beloved dishes, like the Banh Mi Taco, JapaJam Burger, and Bacon Jam Fries. Other crowd-pleasing favorites range from crispy Umami Fried Chicken and Korean Short Rib Pappardelle with Smoked Crème Fraîche to Asian Pear Miso Salad and Roasted Cauliflower with Nori Brown Butter. This is Asian fusion at its best, delivering soul-satisfying comfort food with a kick!



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