Saturday Six LXVI

Saturday Six LXVI


Watch, Follow, Peruse.
Get, Attend, Views.
This is the Saturday Six Vol. LXVI





Power houses unite! Hot Luck announced today that for one night only, Chef Andy Ricker of Pok Pok in Portland, Oregon, and Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue are joining forces for a "Pok Pok-Up." Pok Pok will take over Franklin Barbecue for one evening on Sunday, May 26 from 5-9pm. In celebration of Ricker’s new book, Pok Pok Noodles: Recipes from Thailand and Beyond, guests will enjoy a special collaborative menu created by Ricker and Franklin. Part Pok Pok, part Franklin experience, all guests, including those with tickets, will wait in the famed Franklin line for the special meal. Tickets to the Pok Pok-Up are available to the public for $85, which includes guaranteed entry, a plate of food and a signed copy of Andy Ricker's new book. For more information on Hot Luck, visit or follow along on social at @hotluckfest. Better get in line before it’s “sold out”!





Its starts with, “I always wondered how I was gonna die, and now I know.” Focusing on the best climbers in the world, this is another amazing documentary of humans seeking to achieve the impossible, and we’re backing it. To undertake Meru, says Jon Krakauer, the bestselling author of “Into Thin Air,” “You can’t just be a good ice climber. You can’t just be good at altitude. You can’t just be a good rock climber. It’s defeated so many good climbers and maybe will defeat everybody for all time. Meru isn’t Everest. On Everest you can hire Sherpas to take most of the risks. This is a whole different kind of climbing.” What was meant to be a seven-day trip with the equivalent amount of food, became a 20-day odyssey in sub-zero temperatures. Krakauer says it best... “Am I taking too many chances? Can I control the risk? Of course you can’t control the risk!” We think that’s how life should be - take the risk.





Film Photographic is a co-curated community Instagram film gallery and resource page that showcases the works of photographers from around the world. From photo shows in LA and discussions of why we should photograph with real film, to capturing America on Polaroids, FP is a spot for artists as much as it is for consumers and admirers of the creative process, specifically photography. The broad array of forms and processes of photography are interesting and engaging, and the content itself ranges from classic and historical to current- day real life.  Follow them, if not just to discover the sides of others’ lives you might not otherwise get to see.



If you’re older than a Millennial, you probably remember your grandfather’s or dad’s watch and how it held a certain sign of strength, dependability, and character. Gear Patrol always has first-rate gear and accessories, and this article caught our eye because in a world of digital GPS, phone ringing, text messaging, calorie counting, heartbeat and sleep tracking wrist pieces, we’re specifically fond of older automatic watches that simply tell the time by hands and numbers. So many of these classic timepieces surely have a story to tell. So from bezels to jewels, submarines to trenches, here’s to the interesting history of humans deciding to wear clocks on their wrists.




ACL is here again! The weekends of October 4-6 and 11-13 bring some of the biggest performers in music, and  ACL Fest has become a must for festival goers. This year Guns & Roses is headlining - and the Cure is playing again, wuh!? Cardi B., Mumford & Sons, Childish Gambino...the list is colossal. The acts are all so eclectic, it’s almost like every awesome music festival in the world unites, and it’s in Austin. That said, tickets are on sale now, and if you want them you better get on it!  




We’re lovin’ this new video from Austin’s own Leo Rondeau. It’s a stellar song, and the allure of the style is impossible to miss - the story of the end of the road in a relationship as well as what comes after. Watch it once or twice and then go buy the record. It won’t do you wrong.

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