Saturday Six LXX

Saturday Six LXX


Deep Ellum + Denim
Sensitive + Time
Avocado + Smoothies
Dad + Life
Sarah Connor + Fate
Trans + Pecos
= Saturday Six Vol. LXX



Our awesome pals (aka - super nice guys that happen to be highly knowledgeable purveyors of raw denim) at Deep Ellum Denim in Dallas are carrying all four colors of the Lou boot (Black, Brown, Natural and Teak) so we’re having a party there TODAY, Saturday, from 2PM-6PM. HELM’s founder, Joshua Bingaman, will be there talkin’ it up, plus plenty of complimentary beer and whiskey. So if you’re in Dallas then it’s time to have some fun and shop leather boots, denim and more!





This exceptional podcast from The Slowdown features candid, revealing portraits of curious and courageous people in business, the arts, and beyond, who have a distinct perspective on time. Each week, co-hosts Spencer Bailey and Andrew Zuckerman interview a leading mind who has made a profound impact in their field, contributed to the larger conversation, and is concerned with the planet we all share. Episodes to date include actor Peter Sarsgaard, Ghetto Gastro’s Jon Gray, fashion stylist Kate Young, architect Bjarke Ingels, and artist Teresita Fernández. Upcoming episodes include A.I. pioneer Kai-Fu Lee, Africa Center CEO Uzodinma Iweala, and Google VP of hardware design Ivy Ross. You can see more here on their Instagram.



Connected to the Austin Motel is the newest addition to South Congress, Joann’s Fine Foods. Already a “neighborhood spot,” it’s a new take on the American diner serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not to mention, breakfast is served all day - yesssss! Daily milkshakes: check. House made tortillas: check. Pecan burning grill: check. Impressive Mezcal options: check. How’s that for just the eclectic? Somehow it all gels impeccably. Our suggestions are as follows - breakfast or lunch, start with the avocado smoothie (avocado, banana, spinach, pineapple, hemp, coconut milk), and split the chicken fried steak with a buddy (served with fried eggs, hash browns, and gravy). If dining for dinner, then the Mojo De Ajo Grilled Shrimp (served with migas fried rice, cream, chili de arbol) is TDF. Early birds, night owls, and everything in between, these healthy, yummy California-inspired Tex-Mex originals will do you right any time.




Father’s Day is coming up soon and this book is the perfect gift. If you aren’t familiar with Art Eddy or Jon Finkel, give them a listen/watch at Life of Dad and you’ll see why reading this book is worth its weight in gold. Encouragement, advice, moral support and personal stories of the rocky and sometimes smooth road of fatherhood is what makes this book unlike any other. From Shaquille O’Neal explaining how he’s taught his kids to be grateful, or Michael Strahan highlighting the importance of accountability, or Jim Gaffigan discussing the challenges of having a house full of kids, The Life of Dad gives any and all fathers something to relate to. Nuggets of wisdom from Ice Cube, Henry Winkler, Chris Jericho, Denis Leary, Freddie Prinze Jr, Charles Tillman, Mark Feuerstein, and many more. If you’re a dad, or ever plan to be one, this book is a treasure map.




We’re Terminator fans through and through, but good grief haven’t there been like a dozen sequels now? We’ve always thought that T2 should have wrapped it up, but this preview changes the game. Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger reunite to save humanity in this for real 'T2' sequel. That’s right, the OG Sarah Connor and the original T-800 are back, and we’re so eager we can already imagine inhaling the popcorn, Twizzlers and jumbo gallon size special edition ‘Dark Fate’ plastic cup of soda, as we watch the world barely saved yet again from Skynet (for now). So here it is, thirty-five years after the original, Linda and a new character or two are Earth's best defense against the time-traveling cyborgs. There’s no one better to help her than Arnold, the one and only original T-800.



It might seem like jumping the gun, but this is one of those “get your tickets ASAP” kind of gigs, so we wanted to give you a heads up. It’s the 14th Annual Trans-Pecos Festival of Music + Love in Marfa, Texas! It seems like just yesterday we slept in our first stylish canvas teepee and bathed in a fire warmed tub under the endlessly expansive starry sky, but somehow it’s been 14 years.  Thursday, September 26 – Sunday 29, a group of intrepid wanderers convene at El Cosmico for a weekend of live music, sandlot baseball, workshops, vendors, and more in the majesty of Marfa, Texas. Early bird tickets are no longer on sale, but the music lineup announcement and regular tickets will be up for grabs this Summer. Sign up for the mailing list to get the details as soon as they are released.

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