Saturday Six LXXII

Saturday Six LXXII


Let’s go. Saturday Six Vol.LXXII




We can only assume that, like us, you grew up on Jacques Cousteau and his ocean adventures aboard Calypso. Pause for nostalgia - remember all those iconic photos in National Geographic? So amazing! That red beanie he always wore? Classic. We’re sorry if you missed out, but now it’s your chance to not only (re)live the adventure, but in a brand new way. Cousteau’s grandkids, Celine and Fabien, are following their grandad’s lead with this show of their own called “Legends of the Deep.” We stumbled upon this new show on the Science Channel last Sunday and are amped that we did. The second episode drops this coming Sunday and follows Celine and Fabien as they investigate what may have mysteriously crashed into the cold, remote waters of Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia in 1967 — some say a UFO — which set in motion one of the biggest search and rescue missions ever attempted on the Eastern seaboard. How rad does that sound?! We’ll be diving along thinking about escaping the heat with an ocean voyage of our own. Watch it!




This brilliant label out of Chicago has been doing amazing work for quite awhile now, but we still don’t think enough people know about it. We’d like to introduce you to The Numero Uno Group. In the growing noise of the so-called reissue field, The Numero Group remains distinct in its quality: deeply researched, expertly resuscitated and lavishly packaged box sets, playlists, and ephemera of historic music from the 1950s-1990s. We can’t even begin to describe the extent of insight these guys have into the subterranean sounds of old and new. It is uncanny how they deliver hidden worlds of unsung power pop, New York disco and rap, cosmic country, hillbilly hellfire, Chicago’s funk-blues club life and so, so much more. Seriously, we’re not even scratching the surface here. Our personal favorite is the Eccentric Soul series - it’s truly exceptional. There’s no basement too dank, no box too dusty for their intrepid team of researchers, writers, producers and engineers. Each Numero product can be ordered online on their web store or their complete catalog of music also streams online here through Spotify and Apple Music.



Designed by artist and musician Matt Maust (Cold War Kids and French Style Furs, both bands  worth your listening), LA-based clothing line £UV makes some of the softest tees we’ve ever worn. The 100% cotton bodies feel like stonewashed vintage, with silhouettes that drape and fit like your favorite old concert tee, even straight off the rack without having to wear it a bajillion times to get it that way. Every piece is handmade. No two tees are alike. With exclusive collaborations from fashion photographer Jean Pigozzi to original mixed media prints from Maust’s own prolific portfolio, the vibe mixes 70s rock and roll iconography with low culture happenstance. The world needs more of this kind of tasteful originality.




A glittering and gorgeous read for the summer, one of our new favorites is aptly titled, The Summer Book. Long days of the sounds and sights of sunlight, followed by the feel of evening storms, this brief novel tells the story of 6 -year-old Sophia and her grandmother as they spend the summer on a small island in the Gulf of Finland. Sophia’s young, new, and volatile approach to life is in juxtaposition to her grandmother’s, who is unsentimental and wise, if a little cranky. Together they drift the coastline and stroll the forest in easy companionship, building boats from bark, creating a miniature Venice, and compiling a fanciful study of local bugs. They discuss things that matter to young and old alike: life, death, the nature of God and of love. “On an island,” thinks the grandmother, “everything is complete.” A short novel chock full of the varied joys and sorrows of life, read this one sometime this summer. You’ll be glad you did.




Another gem from the Shelter Social Club, the Rancho is an idyllic low-fi escape a few hours north of Los Angeles. Time wise, the 80 mile jaunt from the city is roughly equal to routine beach traffic on any given weekend, and oh so worth it. The premises feature an understated yet unabashedly cool Bate’s Motel-style layout (without the creepiness of course), complete with poolside Teepees, a dog-friendly attitude, and open air bar with vinyl and hand wrought ceramic goods on tap. It’s affordable, charming, and some of the rooms feature indoor jacuzzis (to give you an indication of the kitsch factor). Regardless if you’re in LA and the surrounding areas or even if you’re not, this Inn is worth the stay.



First off, if you’re in Austin, you need to visit this one. You can see here that the 4th Tap is fun, and their mantra is deep and wise. “Brew. Share. Party. Repeat.” All their beers are solid, but we’re particularly fond of the Suneater Scottish Gruit. This ancient herbed ale style beer is made from Sorghum, so it’s naturally Gluten Free for those who need it - and if you don’t, you’ve still got to try it. Bittered with rosemary and infused with dried lemon peel, it’s a delectable, citrusy companion piece for summer BBQs, poppin’ pool-side jams, and righteous river bank rock outs. Even better, it’s slightly sweet, fully mellow, and available in small batches. Go Gruit!



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