Saturday Six LXXIV

Saturday Six LXXIV


Buzz Honey
Car Crashes 
Super Thing
Hot Chicken
New Moss
Sun Raisin  
Saturday Six Vol. LXXIV



Whether your beehives are in the backyard and grown from grandad’s knowledge of the circle of life, or they’re city rooftop hives ordered from the pages of Dwell, it’s all good from our perspective. Recently revived by trend or not, bees are amazing creatures and what they do for life is a literal necessity, with honey being, well, Mother Nature’s sweet, sweet gold. Round Rock’s Honey Beekeeping Classes are an introduction to all things bees. You’ll learn from “Master Beekeepers” the basics such as identifying different types of bees, monitoring hive health, safety practices, and of course honey production. Not only do they hold classes in Austin/Round Rock, but they also have them in Dallas/Rowlett, Houston/Porter, and Alameda, CA. That’s buzztastic!  If you want to test the product (no need to make a commitment), you can savor a spoonful by checking it out right here.  As Henry David Thoreau said, “The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams.” Woah, that’s pretty profound. Honey time! 




If you love cars as much as we do, then get your Netwhateverfilmstreamingnoncabledevice ready to roll. Speed, mayhem, madness,’s all here burning amongst the screeching tires and billowing smoke. Destructive car chases? Check. Jumping draw bridges? Check. Near death crashes? Check. Not to mention the first of the 9 (and counting) “Fast and Furious” films that started them all. If you want even more revving, these “33 Greatest Car Movies Ever” aren’t all streaming for free, but you can make your own call on which ones are worth your hard earned gas money. 




Coffee is to sustenance as Super is to Thing. Not sure what that means exactly (we just made it up), but Superthing Coffee is definitely one of our new go-tos. God knows there are a gazillion boutique coffee roasters out there these days, but trust us, we drink more than enough brew to know our way around the track, and Superthing definitely makes the podium. This venture sprouted from Austin’s own beloved team from Patika Coffee. Our two cents? Try their Columbian Huila Timaná for drip or pour over, and the Ethiopian Guji Hambela for espresso. Super!  




With locations in Franklin and Goodlettsville TN, plus Huntsville, AL, we think you should make a stop at one of the Big Shakes locations. Chef Shawn Davis is the creator of Big Shake’s Nashville Hot Chicken and Fish. (Side note: Shawn is also the creator of the “Original Shrimp Burger” that became a huge success via his appearance on Shark Tank.) Our vote from the menu is the “HOT MESS” Chicken Sandwich or the Hot Chicken and Waffles. You get to choose your heat level: Original, “Cry Baby”, “Stop, Drop N Roll”, “Rambo” or “Executioner” - they’re all pretty true to their names. It’s not just about the heat, because the food itself is out of this world, and you can get anything you want toned down with little to no heat. Also known for their “Deep Fried Oreos,” this joint is way more than finger lickin’ good, ya’ll. 




If you shop in Austin, you’re most likely familiar with MOSS Designer Consignment (or their sister vintage store Garment). MOSS is an emporium of extremely well curated, tastefully hand selected garments, ready for buyers and sellers alike. Good news - they now have a location in San Antonio located in Alamo Heights, offering it’s 1,700 square feet of coveted wearables. Known for being a spot where you can “shop over 2,000 closets under one roof,” it’s far and away Austin’s (and now San Antonio’s) premier source for accessories, clothing, handbags, jewelry and shoes. Gracefully stocked wall-to-wall with brands such as Chanel, Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo, Celine, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Gucci, Saint Laurent and so much more, you’re lucky to leave without more than you planned, so maybe only take one credit card, or take them all! We definitely recommend that you visit a store in person, but you can also shop a few select items on-line.  




Raasin in the Sun believes wholeheartedly that today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders, and they prove it by working tirelessly with local youth to serve the community through beautification projects that unite residents and reduce neighborhood deterioration. Olympic and collegiate athlete, Raasin McIntosh, lives her motto “Rise and shine” every single day. She was first inspired to create a community-beautification project while traveling through western Africa for local track meets, preparing to run the 400-meter hurdles for Liberia at the 2012 Summer Olympics. You can read more about her journey and why she started RITS here. Go to their website to see past, current and upcoming projects and events to clean up and restore areas of the city that need restoration and light. We believe, like Raasin, that we all have light to share and that the community helping the community makes us all better neighbors and better people. 

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