Saturday Six LXXXI

Saturday Six LXXXI


A short poem. 

Tribes with wings 
Fly swedish circles 
While broncos with horns 
Are just for show. 

This is the Saturday Six Vol. LXXXI



Full Circle Bookstore is the largest independent bookstore in Oklahoma, and it’s awesome. They’ve been there for over 30 years, stocking and finding any and all requested books. They carry more than 60,000 new titles, featuring every genre imaginable. The cafe’ there is tip-top, the events are bountiful, and the music performances and gatherings are downright dandy. The day we were there, there was a circle of musicians with guitars, drums and other unique instruments having a Celtic jamboree, and we’re pretty sure there was even a kilt or two! The wall of “Employee Picks,” the multiple comfortable and creative seating areas with a vintage living room feel (topped off with an occasional fireplace), makes the FC a place you’ll wish you could stay the night in. With independent bookstores and mom-and-pop shops dying off daily, it’s more important than ever to not only shop these spots, but to do there what you just can’t do online...sit in a shared space with other human beings reading tangible paper and words, creating a perfectly balanced ambiance for intaking knowledge, adventure and emotion. The feels, the smells, the community - it’s a sacred space that deserves to live on. Get there. 




There are multiple significant places that make up the landscape of Austin and give it its cherished originality. Opened in 1975, the original Swedish Hill Bakery was (and still is in a new way) one of those special places. The bakery, located in Clarksville, was recently converted with a totally fresh and tastefully refurbished space and menu. What was mostly a bakery is now an all day restaurant by Larry McGuire (co-founder of McGuire Moorman). Ever been to Russ & Daughters in New York or Gjusta in Los Angeles? (If not then check them out when you can.) The new SH space is modeled after these joints, and they did a dang good job at that. The divine breads and pastries are still available (i.e. focaccia, cakes, and babka- thank goodness!) The cheese and charcuterie selections are new, as are the caviar, prix fixe dinner, and gelato. Don’t forget one of the many delicious offerings that MMH is known for, the heavenly rotisserie chicken to-go. Ok, here’s what has us really kvelling: they serve bagels with spreads or smoked fish and customizable sandwiches! Coffee, tea, beer and wine; what else do you need? You can give the menu a gander here. 




One of our favorite brands ever, Wings and Horns, is a blend of design and manufacturing with roots in Canada and Japan. They develop and produce their collections in their Canadian factory with fabrics they develop in Japan. Their pieces are heavily influenced by the Pacific Northwest, staying true to their mantra of modern and approachable, detailed and disciplined. The men’s garments are always approached with colors black, gray and white, but W&H elevates the classic through simplicity and taste, and we have yet to see a look we don’t like. We’re currently obsessed with their Marled Black apparel and are just trying to decide which ones to get, but we’re not too worried about what we decide - they’ll all go well with our HELM Boots. See their stockists here, and get ‘em on. 




Tim Ferris does it again. Deemed as one of the “Most Innovative Business People,” he is an early-stage tech investor/advisor in Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, Duolingo, Alibaba, and 50+ other companies. He’s also the author of four #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers, Best of iTunes, most podcast downloads of 200 mill+, and the list goes on and on and on. All that aside, this book he put together is rad for multiple reasons, the main one being that it’s primarily views from other people, not himself. If you are looking for mentors, this book is full of them - 100 to be exact. The knowledge, personal experiences, and guidance is boundless, as well as the failures, victories, meditations, and learning. To have personal glimpses into the journals of these warriors, winners, survivors and leaders is invaluable and, if you’re like us, might even make your own ecstatic, disciplined, devoted, or possibly erratic, seemingly manic behaviors seem almost ordinary. The responses to many of the questions are candid and personal. When it comes to people we admire and getting to know more of their personal mantras, we were especially excited to read Mike D, Sam Harris, Rick Rubin, Tony Hawk, and David Lynch, just to name a few. We suggest that you get this book and mark it up, dog-ear and hi-lite it, leave it on your coffee table, and invite your guests to do the same. We all benefit from sharing our experiences with one another and have Mr. Ferris to thank for compiling these. 




We’re not sure if we should say “you’re welcome” or apologize for turning you on to these guys. If you grew up with or around a classic Bronco, or if you just want one now (we’re both), this is the site for you to pore over, although here’s where it becomes more of a nitch and costs more of a dollar. CFB completely restores early model Broncos from 1966-1977, and by that we mean a little more than “completely restores.” We mean that their builds are the closest thing you’ll find to a 2019 Bronco. Their “Coyote restoration” starts with an original Classic Ford Bronco produced from 1966 to 1977, where they add new metal, a new Coyote 5.0 powered drivetrain, off-road tires, a hint of luxury, and a modern brake system - boy does it look mean. We haven’t heard them in person (yet), but supposedly they sound strong, and perform like a boss. It’s like getting a 60s-70s factory model with 2019 technology. Check these out - are you kidding me?! Time to empty the piggy bank. 



This guy’s Instagram is hands down one of our favorites. Definitely top 5 if not top 3. Now that you know that, go check it out for yourself. On his own accord, he’s a rebellious renegade of cars, motorbikes, music, and fashion, and we don’t know how the heck he finds the time to discover this unexplainable amount of priceless, hilarious and entertaining video, but somehow he does. In between the hilarity, you’ll find a few pics of him with friends, family and other nameless devotions. Be sure not to miss the ones of him and his mom out on the town or settled somewhere having divine convos and sweet good times. If you want to learn a little more about the man behind the curtain, here’s his most recent interview. Awitan, we salute you. 

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