Saturday Six LXXXIII

Saturday Six LXXXIII



Lower River
Tension Theory 
Reasons To Be Cheerful 
Quality Time 
Evocative Style 
The Space Between 
Saturday Six Vol. LXXXIII




Michael A. Muller (yes, the namesake for the infamous Muller boot) is an uber talented multi-instrumentalist and composer best known for his work in co-founding the Texas-based ensemble Balmorhea. After 13+ years, 6 full-length records, numerous global tours, track placements and original scoring work solely with Balmorhea, this fall (October 25, to be exact) will see the release of LOWER RIVER — his debut solo album. We can’t wait! We got a little pre-listen, and you’re gonna love it. Lower River is a sonic venture into other worlds and into the depths of one’s own mind; an exploration of what it means to deeply listen versus to merely hear. Official / Instagram here.




Podcasts are a dime a dozen these days, and outside of the chart toppers it’s hard to sift through the chaff to find the wheat. So let us help. “Tension Theory” is what we consider a labor of love for the Creative by a Creative, from a Doer for the Doers. Filmmaker Sean Waldron has made a strong commitment to other artists through his theory. He believes that tension is crucial and necessary to the fullest development of creators and doers. He’s passionate about helping gifted and talented people express themselves by sharing their beliefs, hopes, and challenges in facing the resistance, or tension, of the outside world, and the difficulties of being an “artist.” You’ll find him discussing the ebbs and flows of creative processes with visionaries, and how acting out their dreams and innovations are no different than breathing. They just don’t have a choice - they have to build and paint and grow things from within no matter what. He believes that tension is the purest ingredient to how inspiring your work or art will be. Instead of trying to merely alleviate it, he talks about what happens when we dig deeper into it, make a home in it, embrace the discomfort to discover the ultimate beauty it will produce. Sean’s guests all have one thing in common: they’ve encountered the tension… and we’re all benefitting from their bold persistence to not give in to comfort. Tension is evidence you’re doing something that needs doing, and this podcast is the proof you need to go for it. This mash-up is a great place to start. 




Like a lot of us, David Byrne (Talking Heads frontman), feels like things can be pretty hopeless these days. So instead of complaining or wallowing, he took some positive action and we think it’s awesome. He found and continues to find reasons to be cheerful, and (with his team) copies, replicates, scales them up and spreads them around . He says because things are so crazy right now, it’s not a distraction to focus on the good, it’s a necessity. The real things that are happening that aren’t bad, they’re out there right now - real people making changes in their communities every day.  Watch this video, and if you want to share in the solutions, then jump on board. Let’s not forget to also focus on the things that are working. We’re in it for the long haul! 




He’s proven time and time again that he’s so much more than just the “Hot Pockets” guy, and his seventh and newest comedy special only further seals the deal. In a world of comics who depend on naughty jokes and dirty language, Jim Gaffigan is a breath of fresh air. He’s on top of his game, and the talent is really astounding. Guess that’s why he’s a 4-time Grammy nominated comedian, right? This round he’s all about doubling down on honesty, how to say no to friends, and how to justifiably lie to your kids like he does. He also spends plenty of time on the lives of horses and dog birthdays and so many more important aspects of this whole life thing. We’re thankful for people like Jim who help us realize that a majority of it is all comedy. 




World renowned arbiter of taste, Kelly Wearstler, has a new tome, Evocative Style, available for pre-order this week. Wearstler’s raw and refined approach to interior design is widely celebrated for her adept juxtaposition of impressive vintage curations and bespoke modern creations. Her spaces read as living works or art, rife with bold color, unexpected texture and sculptural appeal. Her new hospitality offering, Proper Hotels and Residences, boasts locations in NY, LA, and Austin. Every location garners inspiration from its native environment, with Wearstler bringing together a unique team of master craftspeople and local artisans to bring each space to life. Kelly has a remarkable eye for art history. Her residences echo her fervor for masculine and feminine dualism in design alongside a playful yet sophisticated use of color and expression. If you’re looking to educate your eye on the world of interiors, we suggest you get on the list for this soon-to-be best seller.




We are beyond excited to host this show from undoubtedly one of our favorite artists ever, Thomas Hooper. Known not only for his brilliant work in the world of tattooing, he is also highly praised for his artwork in posters, albums, apparel, bicycles, shoes, jewelry and more. 

Join us for “The Space Between” art opening at the HELM Store on Saturday, Sept. 7th from 6pm-8pm and keep an eye on our social media for more details. 


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