Saturday Six LXXXXI

Saturday Six LXXXXI


Buvette West Village

The Wasted Choir

A Texas Festival 

Biggest Beer Winners 

Cooking With Jeff 

Watching Atticus Finch 

This is the Saturday Six



We’d like to say that in our recent visit to NYC we stumbled upon this impeccably charming location of heavenly delights, but we’d be telling a fib. We already have the cookbook and are big fans, so as always we had to stop in for brunch. “Dedicated to the enjoyment of eating and drinking,” is their mantra, but we find it to be an understatement. The space is a lullaby of Paris, with limited seating, small tables and benches pushed up against one another in an almost comunal manner, and the back patio has the same. We love it all. Part restaurant, part bar, part café, Buvette combines the elegance of an old world café with the casual nature of a neighborhood eatery. It is a light-filled space for an early morning espresso or a long lunch of shared dishes. Even a spot for a late night digestif, or if you’re with us, it’s all three. We had a brunch of the Waffle Sandwich (buttermilk waffle, sunny-side egg, bacon & gruyère) which needed no syrup because the honey butter was divine. The Saumon Fume ́(steamed eggs, smoked salmon with crème fraîche) was also exquisite. We sat and talked and had another cappuccino accompanied by the most delectable “mini croissants” ever made, before we packed up and left, already planning what we’ll order next time. We adore it all. 


Amy Cook and her newest song, Wasted with the choir, is sure to become a favorite listen and put on repeat



Fans of Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Shawn Colvin, or Mark Lanegan will want to turn this one up. “Jumpin’ out of cars, runnin’ up the 101, chasing down the Holy Ghost…” The latest song from seasoned artist, Amy Cook, is a delicate ode to the illusion of idealization. When your dreams are lost, maybe what you need isn’t in a sacred space, it’s “simply at the corner store.” When love drops you and picks you up and drops you again, then being the “invincible superhero with super powers,” can be the perfect imaginary escape. So can gratitude. Amy’s raspy drawn out whispers make us believe that when doubt is looming, thankfulness can qualm the voices of fear, and her new song does just that. In a struggle to accept that a divine power can be contained within four walls, maybe out back with the choir is where it’s at. For some, that’s a better place for letting go of the past so that there’s room for the hope of tomorrow. Not unlike the perfect build up of a poem, this Choir story song ends too soon. Or at least it ends just soon enough to keep you wanting to hear more. “Can I get a witness? Can I get an Amen? Everything’s ok, alright…”

You won't want to miss this Texas Monthly Live with Leon Bridges



Texas Monthly LIVE, presented by Frost Bank’s Opt for Optimism initiative, will kick-off the third annual EDGE at The Bomb Factory on Friday, November 8, 2019. Much like every printed issue of Texas Monthly, this live issue will feature stories examining contemporary Texas told by Texas Monthly editors and their invited guest editors. The stories told in the performance will be scored by a live band and paired with exceptional art and films. Guests to previous live issues of Texas Monthly have described the performance as “unlike any other event,” and “a reminder of why we love Texas.” Friday night’s performance will feature acclaimed author, Stephen Harrigan. On Saturday night, Grammy award-winning recording artist and songwriter, Leon Bridges, will headline a concert and showcase some of the best up-and-coming artistic talent in Texas. This evening is a special affair for Bridges, who is collaborating with the magazine to hand-select dancers, musicians, and artists to make the experience unforgettable. This will be a must-see show for fans of Leon Bridges, not to mention the cultural reporting of Texas Monthly. You can check out their website for updates on special guests and click here for tickets.   


The GABF is part-beer competition and part-ticketed beer festival, and is viewed as one of the most important beer events



This month, the 2019 Great American Beer Festival awarded 318 medals to 283 breweries in Denver, Colorado. More than 9,400 entries were submitted by 2,295 breweries across 174 different beer styles in the 33rd edition of the biggest beer festival in America. How’s that for numbers!? (Side note: here is a list of what are considered the Top 10 best beer festivals. We might be biased, but the Oregon Brewers Festival is glorious. You’ll be sure to find us there.) The GABF is part-beer competition and part-ticketed beer festival, and is viewed as one of the most important beer events. This year’s winners were as follows: Juicy or Hazy India Pale Ale - Old Irving Brewing Co., Beezer, American-Style India Pale Ale — Comrade Brewing Co., More Dodge Less RAM, Fruited American-Style Sour Ale — St. Elmo Brewing Co., Roxanne, German-Style Pilsener — Blind Owl Brewery, Parliament Drive, Imperial India Pale Ale — Alvarado Street Brewery, Double Cone. Is it just us, or does a big cold one sound awesome right about now?


Jeff Goldbloom comes to us in these short and highly amusing episodes of Cooking With Jeff, hosted by the ever entertaining Funny or Die



From Jurassic Park to his own backyard, Jeff Goldbloom comes to us in these short and highly amusing episodes of Cooking With Jeff.  Hosted by the ever entertaining Funny or Die, we do profess, they are funny. The first half is shopping for ingredients at Ralph’s Grocery, and Jeff’s playfulness with staff and the product is hilarious and also quite educational. Jeff has alway been a guy with style, and this show confirms that, along with his silly and quirky behavior. You can’t tell when he’s being his witty self, or when he might be seasoning in a dash of being delusional, but either way, watching the real Jeff Goldbloom is a perfect way to spend your time, because the episodes are only 12 minutes long and you’re sure to learn something new. The episode with Bryce Dallas Howard is great, and the “smorgasbord” they prep looks delish! You can tell that Jeff really is friends with his guests, and that always proves for better viewing. 

Jeff Daniels (nominated for a Tony) played Atticus Finch, joined by Celia Keenan-Bolger (won a Tony) as Scout. Jem was played by Will Pullen in To Kill a Mockingbird at the Shubert Theatre



We’ve read the book and seen the film many times, and it never ceases to move and inspire. Sitting in the seats of the beautiful Shubert Theatre, we knew that this was something special. Jeff Daniels (nominated for a Tony) played Atticus Finch, joined by Celia Keenan-Bolger (won a Tony) as Scout. Jem was played by Will Pullen, and it couldn’t have been a stronger trinity of talent and emotional force. The rest of the cast was brilliant, and the talents combined were explosive. We were nervous knowing that there were edits made throughout the story by Aaron Sorkin, but they were all done with grace and respect to the roots of the original. We can’t express enough how much we’d love for you to see this work, and now that the performance will be entering its second year with a new cast (which includes Ed Harris as Atticus Finch) we’re hoping we’ll get to see it again. Maybe we’ll see you there! If so, we’ll need to borrow some tissues. 

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