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Here’s the Saturday Six Vol. LXXXXIV
The entire E.A.S.T. Tour is happening Nov. 16-17 & Nov. 23-24, and prepare for it to be amazing as always. Did we also mention that it’s free? The event opens the doors of almost 500 studios, galleries, and exhibition spaces on the east side of I-35. Walk, bike or pedi-cab over to see, support and purchase the work of thousands of artists. Along the way, be sure to make a stop at the HELM Store on East 11th where Jacob Villanueva will be showing his latest photography. It’s a new series from his recent travels, all shot on film and part of his project called The North Side of Trees, a collection from decades of shooting on film. An additional show you shouldn’t miss will be at the HELM Studio, featuring the brilliant works of Adreon Henry. Head over to 5305 Bolm Rd. Suite 6 to celebrate Adreon who has been creating works with serigraph on vinyl for over 20 years. His persistent curiosity in how things are constructed and produced has forced him to culminate a process using nontraditional mediums and techniques. A majority of work is produced using industrial-grade vinyl, serigraphs, acrylic inks and mixed media, with themes of time, memory, community and perspective. Complimentary drinks at both shows from Garrison Bros., Goodnight Loving Vodka, TwistedXBrewing, and Rambler Sparkling Water.
Over four years ago we had some of the HELM team in South Carolina for a Garden & Gun event, and we ran into a guy selling his paintings out on the street. Our founder, Joshua, bought his son Samuel Helm (the brand’s namesake) one of the small buffalo paintings, and Samuel has kept it on his mantle ever since. Last week we received an email from that guy, Moey Kammerman, announcing his book release. How cool is that!? We’re excited to promote it. In this vıbrant collectıon of paintings and poetry, you’ll take a spin on the “Slot Machine Of Life,” uncover the secrets of “The Peacock of Infinite Wisdom,” and glide with “The Sun and Moon On A Cosmic Bike Ride.” Our favorite part is when you’ll meet “The Happiest Buffalo Alive.” This uplifting collectıon makes a great gift to motivate and inspire people of all ages! Moey’s motto is: 'keep helping people and having fun.' We love that. Good job, Moey! 
Sounds crazy to say, but Thanksgiving is almost here and it’s time to start prepping your feasts. Whether you’re going with bring-a-dish buffet style or making the whole meal, The Austin Texas Scout Guide has rounded up four delectable recipes from their experts that anyone can pull off. (Well, maybe not Clark.) Cocktails, cookies, Artisan’s Roasted Brussel Sprouts and more…it’s all sure to impress your parents, friends, in-laws or whoever you spend the day with. Gratitude for food! 
The colors, vibrance, and beauty of the Fall leaves changing on the trees is often breathtaking. So we were excited to come across this piece featuring America’s best places to to stand (or hike) in awe of the annual transformation. As much as we love New England, (where there’s an abundance of color), it’s pretty cool that these locations fall outside of those borders. No pun intended. As splendid as these photos are, they of course don’t do it as much justice as seeing it in person. If any of these spots are near you, get there and take it in! 
Publik Coffee’s mantra is: Quality OVER Quantity. Community OVER Corporate. Planet OVER Profit. Man, that’s a good one. We love Publik for multiple obvious reasons (check out their website) but especially because it’s one of the few coffee shops we found in Salt Lake City that has such strong character, excellent coffee, and an atmosphere that isn’t much different from some of our other favorite coffee shops. The location we visit is on W. Temple St. and it’s in an industrial building where they kept a lot of interesting elements of the architecture. It’s two stories and the top story has meeting rooms, and working space that sits above the main floor so you can look down at everything that’s still going on, but still be separate enough to get your work done. Perfect. The staff is extremely friendly, and you can tell the coffee is not just a job to them - it’s a passion. For those of you who aren’t big coffee drinkers, the hot chocolate with a gourmet roasted marshmallow on top is incredible!
Traveling by car or plane, bus or train, you gotta have the right gear, and we always say keep it simple and comfortable. We’ve designed every HELM pair to be perfect for any situation and setting, but the Hollis in particular has the perfect sole for all weather and the perfect look for casual or dressed up. So perfect in fact, you won’t need to pack any other footwear. Here are a few more of our favorite pieces to bring along for your holiday trip(s).
Flint and Tinder Reversible French Terry Sweatshirt. “A sweatshirt is just a sweatshirt. They’re all the same.” Not true. We’ve tried a lot of them and this is our favorite one this season. Well made, super nice fit, great color spectrum, and it’s reversible so you can wear it a couple times on the trip and it won’t look like the same shirt. Smart! 
Burl Herringbone Jacket from Bridge and Burn.  Available in black or grey, the herringbone pattern gives the water-resistant British Millerain waxed canvas fabric a unique and stylish touch. Durable yet easy to move in, it’s perfect to layer over a sweater or the aforementioned French Terry Sweatshirt. 
Broken Twill Trouser from Buck Mason. This is the perfect pant for cooler months. The fabric is soft and traps in heat at the same time. A tiny touch of stretch in the fabric means you can step out of the SUV, pick up the firewood, or get a big ol’ helping of seconds without ever having to worry about a split.
Trade Apothecary Hops Lotion. It might be the best overall lotion we’ve ever used. Made from natural repurposed hops & goat milk, it’s the perfect consistency to keep your skin moisturized  in the cold weather. The fragrances are amazing. Our current go to is the Pepper Stout - Black Pepper / Bergamot. Even better - use the code Helm30 at checkout for 30% off!
Medium Rugged Twill Duffle from Filson. Made of rain-resistant Rugged Twill and Bridle Leather, this bag is beyond dependable. The perfect size for the quick family visit (meets airline carry-on size guidelines too) so you’ll only need one bag. Did we mention it also looks boss?