Saturday Six LXXXXVII

Saturday Six LXXXXVII



This week’s Saturday Six is a gift guide that features six items that were carefully chosen, in case you need a little somethin’ fun for friends and family. 

we wanted to feature TAG because their coffee is stellar and the packaging is perfect for gifting


We know there are a gazillion coffee roasters out there, but we wanted to feature TAG because their coffee is stellar and the packaging is perfect for gifting (A+ for branding). What’s really cool is that buying their coffee also means you are giving the most vulnerable children in our communities the opportunity to flourish. With each purchase, TAG Coffee donates 50% of profits to local children’s shelters. That’s pretty amazing. “With an extraordinary product, comes an extraordinary opportunity.” Here’s a chance to give twice for the holidays. 


Dutch Blitz looks a little old fashioned, but think of it as a very energetic game of solitaire played against your family and friends.


Werner Ernst George Muller was a German immigrant and optometrist who thought this game he made up might help his children easily learn about colors and numbers. We don’t know if he thought of it as being fun, fast, competitive, and possibly loud, but that’s what it is! It looks a little old fashioned, but think of it as a very energetic game of solitaire played against your family and friends. Get it? Vonderful. Bring the fun and get everyone Blitzed! Dutch Blitzed that is. 



When you look up at the sky at night to see the moon and you think about it for long enough, it’s completely mind boggling. What it is, where it is, the size of it, and the fact that for all of human history, everyone everywhere on the entire planet can see it. In this tribute volume, Wildsam explores the shared wonder of our celestial neighbor via archival storytelling, astronomical insight, essays, interviews and more. Be sure whomever you get this for opens it first so it can start a conversation and be that book everyone starts to pass around. “Kids, I remember sitting in front of the black and white television when the rocket took off and…” A few of our favs are: A Short History of Lunar Photography, An Interview with Mission Control...and yes, (the crazy) Conspiracy Theorists and Moon Legends. It’s out of this world. 


Have you watched The Mandalorian yet? Oh man, if you haven’t you need to get on it. Side note: Disney+ all day y’all. Star Wars fan or not (who isn’t?) this is a series that can’t be missed. It’s an “American space Western” set in the Star Wars universe, that takes place five years after the events of Return of the Jedi. You follow the Mandalorian bounty hunter beyond the reaches of the New Republic, and not too far from the beginning he’s joined by Baby Yoda. You heard it right, BABY Yoda. OMG he’s the cutest, most adorable little dude that you want to just pick up and squeeze. Once you see him and get to know his character, you won’t be able to get over it! So here it is - all things Baby Yoda, for you or any Star Wars fan in the fam. In addition to the plush doll, we’re opting for this art print where he’s using his mini-teeny-weeny three fingered hand to begin his use of the Force. There are a ton of other items available, including a pre-order for an official plush doll that is being released by Disney long after Christmas. Remember people standing in line for Cabbage Patch Kids or Tickle Me Elmo? You gotta wonder if people would stand in line for Baby Yoda? Think so we do. 



If you’re like us, then your first National Park visit might’ve been somewhere like the Grand Canyon or Yosemite. You might have pulled up with your family, you sitting in the back of a station wagon (ours had wood paneling) and then everyone piled out to spend the day adventuring our country’s preserved and sacred lands. Close your eyes and picture your favorite national park. Now think of the winter smells - freshly cut fir, cinnamon spice, caramelized oak with a hint of sweet berry. This is the perfect holiday candle, and it already exists. Not only does this one make a sweet gift and smell fantastically nostalgic, buying it also helps support National Parks. It’s hand poured in California and comes with a gift label, so no wrapping required. In addition to the candle, Parks Project has a ton of smart and trendy items that you can buy which also help to preserve and protect our National Parks. Awesome! 


Don’t you just love Lebkuchen! Wait, what is Lebkuchen? Pronounced leyb-koo-kuhn, it’s a centuries-old German gingerbread specialty that is traditionally baked during the holiday season. Leckerlee specializes in the original Nuremberg-style lebkuchen, the crème de la crème of gingerbread, a moist, chewy treat that tastes like a cross between a cake and a cookie. So yummy! They also come in these fabulously distinctive collectible tins, (new designs released annually by Leckerlee) which only add to the gift inside, not to mention an enjoyable collectible that sits on the shelf and says, “Hey, remember me?” 

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