Saturday Six LXXXXVIII

Saturday Six LXXXXVIII


This is the Saturday Six Vol. LXXXXVIII


These distintive, unisex fragrances developed for LAND (Austin) by Mondo Mondo are the go-to for that person in the room always wearing a truly unique scent. Not as common in the world of scents, H.O.L. roll-ons are coconut based and 100% natural perfume oils, which means there’s no need to worry about any chemicals. With names like Heavy Bloom (Datura, Gardenia, Jasmine, Maile Vine), Earth Being (Fig Leaf, Bergamot, Amate), and High Lonesome (Mesquite, Dirt, Palo Santo, Musk) you know they’re something different. The best part about this sample pack is that it gives you the chance to test them out on your own skin before you pick your favorite. With the purchase of the sample pack, you'll also receive a 15% off for a full size fragrance. Now that smells like a good deal! 


In one of our past Saturday 6, we featured Malcolm Gladwell’s interview with Rick Rubin where it scratched the surface of his unbelievably masterful catalogue of work. We also mentioned Shangri-La, the iconic Malibu, CA studio where some of the most amazing and intriguing musical creations have ever occured. Thanks to Showtime we get access to the house and studio, and the personal ins and outs of it’s foundation, processes, and spiritual favor. This Four-part docu-series focuses on the creative conversation and the emotional side of music-making, for Rubin and the artists he works with. Not only is it rare to get an inside look at a legendary music producer, but we also get to feel and see and hear what makes him tick. 



A simple story about a simple man in a simple place where he is happy and making other people happy. John works at the Post Office on East 6th Street in Austin. He’s been there for  over 7 years and with the Post Office for 29 years. We don’t want to give away too much of this short read, but what we’re moved by is the fact that his life and influence is a positive and profound one in a place you might least expect, and that we all have this same opportunity everyday, wherever we are. "When you're personally invested in something, you have to let things affect you and you affect other people when you become invested.That makes you feel like a human being." Side note: For the first few years of HELM, this post office is where our founder Joshua would take boots to be shipped and John is who would ship them. Yes, they did know each other’s names and they always said hello.


John Muir said that, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” The team at Parks Project couldn’t agree more. We included their candles in our Holiday Gift Guide email last week, but we liked their other products so much and what they stand for that we wanted to share the whole shabang! Super high-quality, smartly designed, and well made apparel and accessories. T-shirts, hats, beanies, mugs, water bottles, key chains, sweatshirts, maps, calendars, bracelets, towels, totes...the options seem endless. Here’s where it gets really grand (we promise that isn’t a canyon pun) - each product is branded for a different National Park and every piece you purchase contributes directly to one of over 50 non-profit groups protecting parks and public lands in the US and Canada. That means your purchase provides vital funding for the ongoing care of National Parks and public lands. For all that these places give to us, Parks Project wants to give something back, because the cofounders, Keith & Sevag, both believe we can all do more to support our amazing parklands. That's why on top of their hard work and their sales contributions, they’re also taking action - check it out here. They even give you the opportunity to join a “Field Crew” and get in on helping at a “Volunteer Day” to further promote conservation-related volunteer events in national, state, and local parks. Hear hear! 



The title here should actually say, “Follow and try your best to purchase.” Ever since we were turned on to Mark Maggiori’s work we’ve wanted it on our wall, and when there are “Print Sales” (of which you can be notified via email) his work goes like hot cakes. Why wouldn’t it? The pieces are magnificent. Daunting details, splendid colors, and figures so realistic you might confuse it with a photograph. Awe-inspiring, undulating clouds serve as a backdrop to American cowboys, American Indians and the American Southwest. We’ve never seen anything like it. You can follow him here on Instagram. 


First off, check out Kyle Emerson’s latest album, Only Coming Down. Our favorite track is called “May You Find Peace.” Give it a listen! Ok, now for a playlist he put together for us. These are some artists and tracks that influenced him and his music, and there are definitely some good ones. Really good. Tom Petty, Springsteen, Bowie, Seger, Lou Reed...we have it on repeat ourselves. Enjoy! 

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