Saturday Six Special Edition - HELM Tour

Saturday Six Special Edition - HELM Tour

This year we hit the road for the HELM Tour 2018 (what are we, a band?), and the below cities are some of the ones we can’t wait to revisit because of the awesome stores, local eateries, art, booze, exercise and more!

This is the Cities Tour Recap.



Obligatory stop at Buc-ee’s (Beef Jerky and Beaver Nuggets), then straight to the Heights where we set up shop at one of the coolest stores ever, Manready Mercantile. We rocked shop there all day with crowds and booze flowing and TDF BBQ cooked in-house. We’d hit Boomtown across the street to caffeinate in between trade-offs running the show, and you can’t visit Houston without going to the Rothko Chapel or the Contemporary Arts we did both.



We arrived at the Source Hotel, where we stayed the night in a posh room and had a blast at Death and Co., sipping on what were hands down the best cocktails we’ve ever had. We opened up shop in the Eyes Open part of the Market Hall and were amped to be joining so many stellar brands.

The next night was beer at Epic Brewing Co. before a school bus (you read that right) picked us up and took us about a mile short of Red Rocks Amphitheatre. We hiked the rest of the way (in our HELM of course) to where we saw TV On the Radio open for Father John Misty. Seriously, what a show! The new UCHI wasn’t open yet or we totally would’ve gotten our sushi on Austin-style, but it’s open now so if you’re in Denver, go there. Best. Sushi. Ever.



First stop was at a super fun shop in Norman called Just OK. There was a storm that night that included torrential flooding rains and powerful winds that we rookies were scared might be a tornado, but alas it was just an “Oklahoma type of rainstorm.” The next day was Trade’s Menswears, where we spent the day having a ball, meeting incredible customers, and were treated to scrumptious pizza from the Wedge - the breakfast pizza sent us over the moon. Everyone in Oklahoma is so damn nice! Junction Coffee was parked just around the corner, and their vintage Euro double-decker bus set up was just as impressive as their coffee. Stopping for a bite at Kitchen 324 left us looking forward to eating there again our next time around. Based on all of the dishes we got, it seems you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu (or in the sweets and baked goods area by the espresso machine). Edmond was our last stop and Cafe’ Evoke was prime! Our pop-up was poppin’, and the people, coffee, and wine were tremendous. If you’re ever in Edmond, Cafe’ Evoke is a must.



  We popped up at The Sporting District which is basically one of the finest men’s stores in the entire country of Texas. Anything you need for the dude in your life...this is your spot. It’s located in the Historic Pearl District, home of the Pearl Brewery.  We had a stupendous cortado at Local Coffee before stumbling upon the The Twig Book Shop, which was a classic book store. Approachable, exciting, and community based, while still revealing the world in its shelves - the way we think they should be. Want perfection? Eat at Supper and stay at Hotel Emma.




We popped up at Raleigh Denim for a month, and the crew there is the best! Their in-house workshop (where you can watch the denim being made) is spectacular, and their denim knowledge is second to none. The storefront is so well done, and the stellar staff is the icing on the cake. We love the fact that you can get fitted and they hem right there in house - so good! Coffee every morning and afternoon (accompanied by heavenly chocolate that you can also watch being made in house) was just a block away at the Verdi Chocolate Factory. While we were in Raleigh we had multiple meals at the Morgan Street Food Hall, where every meal and dessert we noshed was phenomenal. Also we give Poole’s Downtown Diner 5 Stars; don’t miss the Snapper Schnitzel and Cornmeal Fried Okra. Lastly, you’ll need to visit the Brewery Bhavana for an adult beverage. The exquisite marble bar and ambiance of the naturally-lit center library seating area is something to be seen.




When asked for a champion in the classic everyday menswear game, we put our chips on Buck Mason. Owners Sasha and Erik are some of the best in the game, and we were honored to have HELM in their Silver Lake location. We knew we were right to breakfast, lunch, dinner, wine and more wine at ALL TIME, as they were recently rated #1 Best New Restaurant in LA. The same proprietors operate Nice Coffee (gourmet donut bliss included), so if you’re downtown a stop there is a must. Best. Coffee. Ever. We were able to slip in a hike and a jog around Griffith Park, which proved exhilarating and extraordinarily scenic. No matter where you are in the city, if you need a cut or a shave, it’s more than worth a LYFT to the Barbershop Club. Ask for Woody. No doubt, he’s the crème de la crème.




We’re confident that Bridge & Burn is unparalleled in cool factor and shopability, so we were amped to have HELM there. Everything in and about their brand and shop is a win. Everything. We stayed across the street at the ACE Hotel, so we of course had to eat downstairs at Clyde Common, where you can just order the special for the night, not even ask what it is, and be served something you’ll write home about. Mornings were fueled with coffee a few blocks over at Heart Roasters, then a hop, skip and a jump to Powell’s (no question the biggest bestest bookstore in the country), which is basically a reader’s nirvana. As usual we took a run. This time was in Forest Park up narrow trails to Pittock Mansion. Stunning view. Then we ran back down. Whew!




We did Brooklyn. We partied at Modern Anthology. Another marvelous shop owned and operated by passionate and kind founders who care about their customers. Customers who  care about where and what they buy. Modern Anthology is pure gold and keeps your shopping foolproof - only the choicest of wears, grooming and homegoods. We entered DeKalb Market Hall hungry, and post the plethora of consummate consumables, we exited sufficiently stuffed. We caught a movie upstairs at the Alamo Drafthouse and sat down for a cocktail in the House of Wax Museum and bar. That was quite the experience! As usual we found a park to take a jog in; this time it was Prospect Park, and it was damn near perfect.



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