Saturday Six V

Saturday Six V

From modern pop to prepping with Pollock; oysters in Portland to the Pistons of Detroit - welcome to the latest version of the Saturday Six. Enjoy, and after you're done reading let us know about your favorite 90's album on our Saturday Six Instagram post.




Read: In Conversation: Quincy Jones

Believe or don’t believe, agree or disagree...whatever you think about this read, we think it’s downright interesting and entertaining. “The music legend on the secret Michael Jackson, his relationship with the Trumps, and the problem with modern pop.”





Cook: Dinner with Jackson Pollock

We of course know Pollock’s transcending, timeless and highly influential art, but he was also a gardner, hosted dinner parties and cooked and baked too! This book features multiple courses and 50+ recipes with his scribbled/handwritten notes included. Recipes from his wife and his mother are also printed, as well as his paintings, photos of the prepared dishes, and stills of him and others at their home. Something you’d never expect from a master artist, plus an amazing look into a more personal side of his lesser known passions.


Wear: esby


Ok, be forewarned - and we speak on knowledge and experience primarily from the ladies side - that once you buy esby you might only buy esby. Like, your entire wardrobe might become esby. We’ve seen it happen. The pieces are just so, well, just so esby. Shop it, try it on, and you’ll see what we mean. esby apparel was founded in 2014 by designer Stephanie Beard, and features quality clothing for women & men with menswear mentality - and by menswear mentality, we mean you like to buy well-made clothes and wear them often. Proudly made in the USA of high quality fabrics sourced world-wide, their clothing is fit to flatter with an emphasis on comfort and wearability. Their men’s line and swimwear both launched last year, and we can only assume those are just as superb as the rest.





Eat: Even Tide


Whether it’s the Oyster Co. in Portland Maine or the Fenway location in Boston, Massachusetts, we’ve had ‘em both, and they’re splendid. (The Fenway location is a slightly paired down counter service style of the Oyster Co.) At the Portland location, the lobster roll is almost unexplainable and like nothing we’ve ever had. It’s served on a petite warm doughy roll with small pieces of lobster that melt in your mouth in an absurdly tasteful way. We have no idea how they do it, but if you don’t eat more than one we’re impressed. If you like oysters then you can’t go wrong, and don’t miss all of the fun local beers and the ever-changing specials on the chalkboard.





Watch: “30 for 30” Bad Boys


Whether or not you’re a basketball fan, this story is super intriguing to watch. The Detroit Pistons earned the name “The Bad Boys” by being willing to do anything to win. To end their loser status, they brought attitude and fight (literally) into the game. They were loved as much as they were hated. The sport of basketball had never seen anything like it and hasn’t since. The history behind the iconic players, their coaches and their careers after the team dismantled are exciting, sad and telling. It’s a good watch even just to learn some important history that was part of making professional basketball what it is today.  

Listen: Five Friends Favorite 90’s Albums.
Nostalgia road anyone? We asked five of our friends what their favorite albums of the 90’s were, and here are their answers.


James P. Moody of The Mohawk and Guerilla Suit and a few other things

I listened to the Bad Religion No Control until the tape snapped. (This album was released in 1989 but we’ll let that slide since it’s Moody)




Liz Lambert of The Bunkhouse Group and a few other things

Lucinda Williams Car Wheels on a Gravel Road

The whole album, especially the song "2 Kool 2 Be 4-gotten”




Eric Pulido of Midlake and BNQT and a few other things

Radiohead OK Computer

The album that helped set my band in motion (and thousands others) while continuing to inspire both in the studio and live. We’re running out of classic albums and bands these days, but Radiohead proves that there’s exceptions to every rule.




Zane Hunt of Via 313 and Nickel City and a few other things

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds The Boatman's Call

I'd always loved his work, but this one came out while my then girlfriend (and eventual wife) were on our first vacation together in San Francisco in March of 1997.  We had a rental car and the cassette never left the radio for the week as we listened in constant loops.  Whenever I listen to it, it takes me right back to that week.





Chad Gluckson of The ELM Restaurant Group and a few other things

The Replacements All Shook Down (90)

The last Mats Album. It still knocks me out. Especially “Bent out of Shape” Every girl I ever dated got that on a Mix-Tape.



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