Saturday Six VI

Saturday Six VI

Beautifully crafted watches, eclectic art and some pretty amazing coffee. These things and more are featured in this week's edition of the Saturday Six. 



Watch: Waco

Holy wow, this one is super crazy and very well done. Based on the true story that we all remember, some of us too well, the series recounts the 51 days of a televised standoff that ultimately ended with a building in flames. Whether or not you delved into the details back then, you will definitely learn more from this series now. Taylor Kitsch, Michael Shannon and John Leguizamo make the story so real that you have to keep asking yourself, how in the hell did this happen?

Wear: Orion Watches


Years ago we came across a set of beautifully modified Seiko Field Watches done by a guy named Nick. That was all it was called then - “Watches by Nick.”  Now it’s grown into a full line of highly sought after time pieces called ORION (with a cult like following.) Nick is not only a skilled and creative watchmaker, but also a very kind and humble person. You can read about his beginnings here, and if you’re one who cares what’s on your wrist but don’t care to break the bank, then you should definitely give Orion a gander.  




Drink: Juice Society

From The General to the Golden Girl, we’ve been having Juice Society deliver it’s liquid treasures to us since the very beginning, and we’ve been super excited to see Danielle Sobel and JS grow into a brand sharing it’s goodness all over Austin! If you’re in Austin and ready to Restore, Rinse and/or Replenish your body, then Juice Society is at your service.



Look: Will Bryant

One of the hardest working artists we know, Will has been commissioned by Adidas, NY Times, IBM, K2, Nike, Delta, Coca-Cola, Converse...just to name a few. His creations are  abstract yet full of life, defined yet exciting, and most of all just plain fun. Seeing his work, you might be visited by the spirit of Keith Haring or experience the nostalgic feeling of  The Memphis Group, but there’s no doubt that the talent coming out of the Will Bryant Studio is in a world of its own - you’ll only be the better and more inspired by seeing it for yourself.



Get: The La Marzocco Mini

We love coffee. It’s that simple. No, like we really love coffee. And if you’re anything like us, you know that it has to be done right. Enter, the Linea Mini espresso machine. It’s a kitchen-sized version of the Linea Classic, a machine loved by thousands of professional baristas and is the heart of our favorite coffee shops across the globe. So maybe it does have a significantly heftier price tag than the average run of the mill countertop grind-and-brew, but stop and consider a moment. What is the true value of coffee in your life? Your answer should be able to justify this perfectly designed machine bequeathed upon us by the coffee gods. You can see more beautiful pics and people using it on Instagram at @lamarzoccousa. Coffee time!



Listen: Palo Duro

We always like to share music that we’re backing, and this week it’s Palo Duro. The band is a new project from Michael J. Winningham, an Austin based songwriting, formerly fronting the band Gold Beach and now releasing records on Danger Mouse's new label, 30th Century Records/Columbia. In addition to these accolades, Palo Duro was just chosen KUTX Artist of the Month.

You can check out their new track “Embers” here. Michael calls it a “celebratory piece of music praising a new birth of oneself. It's full of both love and distortion. "

You can catch Palo Duro in 2018 at SXSW and Levitation Fest.

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