Saturday Six VII

Saturday Six VII

In this week's Saturday Six we tried something a little different. Along with an interview with our buddy, Michael Ardelean, this edition also features a music mix and a few extra favorites from around the Austin area - making it more of a Saturday Six...and then some. You'll just have to read on to see what we mean. 



Watch: Don't Break Down: A Film About Jawbreaker

Whether you knew the band or not, this documentary is interesting, saddening and ultimately inspiring. Jawbreaker was a band that caught a huge wave but fell off before their time ever came. They had a cult following then and even a larger following now, and if you’re already a fan then you’ve probably seen this documentary. Fan or not, the process, the nostalgia and the experience of the birth, death and resurrection of the band is well worth the watch.



Embibe: 9 Banded Whiskey

Founded by three guys in Austin with a similar passion and taste for whiskey - we’re gonna shoot it straight with ya’, it’s damn fine and we know our whiskeys. 9B is a creative blend of fine barrel-aged whiskeys made in a classic American tradition. They blend oak barrel-aged whiskeys in Austin with limestone filtered spring water found in the Texas Hill Country. It’s an approachable infusion and at 90-proof, has a subtle bite and a laid-back finish. They say that the super smooth finish is attributed to limestone, which raises the PH balance of the water and amplifies both the flavor and aroma profile. Come try it at the HELM store - we keep it stocked and will put our bet down that you’ll like it...a lot.


Wear: Outdoor Voices

Um, can we please live in our Outdoor Voices apparel? Austin proudly hosts the first retail location from local Tyler Haney, but make no mistake that Tyler and her brand have already gone coast to coast. With a multitude of new “athleisure” brands currently trending, OV stands out for crazy good quality, supreme care, and innovative style and design - all this without being uber trendy. They have an extreme sense of community you can join by “Doing Things” with the brand’s multi-city gatherings that help keep you in good spirits and in good shape. Anything you get from OV is going to be your favorite of it’s kind, so be warned that you might over-wear your OV get ups. At least we do.



Listen: This is is for the Bois // a music mix by Briana Garza

We’d like to introduce you to our newest S6 feature where members of the HELM crew are putting their own music mixes together so you can get down with it. This is Briana’s mix and if you’ve ever met her at the HELM store in Austin you know she’s just plain fresh. And so is her mix! Lay back, give it a listen and we think it can perfectly accompany a chill bike ride, a bottle of wine or even just playing in the background while you’re working. Don’t limit it to these activities of course, we just think these are some good ideas.


Drive: Porsche Pal’s Interview

Recently we realized that quite a few of our buddies have Porsches, so we thought, hey - let’s ask them about them! Here’s our first feature with Michael. 

Who are you?
Michael Ardelean. I enjoy putting things in order. @easyontheextras

When did you first get into Porsches and why?
I used to drive BMWs in my 20s. Then I quit riding BMX so I no longer needed a back seat or trunk. My friend Jim Bauer (you’ve seen him around Austin in his mint green 911) let me drive his 1981 911SC in 2006 or so. I didn’t need any more convincing.

What Porsche(s) do you own and if more than one which is your favorite?
1990 C2 manual coupe. It’s my favorite, and only, Porsche.

Where do you drive them and with whom?
I do 7-8k miles a year. I take it to work, meetings, errands, road trips with my wife, and rallies to NorCal with my friends. We call that Robin’s Rally.

Share your best Porsche story ever.
Robin’s Rally 2015. Foxen Canyon road at magic hour. Chasing 3 friends, no cars on the road, high speeds, sun setting. That’s the story. Everything was perfect.


What other hobbies and/or obsessions do you have outside of Porsches?
I co-own and operate a Design studio called Ernst Everything.  We insert our automotive obsession into an overall design approach to shoes, apparel and branding.


What's your next car purchase? Porsche or any other vehicle.
Some days I want a Range Rover Sport SVR, Porsche 997.2 S, Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Mercedes CLK AMG Black Series, Porsche 997 GT3, Mercedes G500, Porsche 996 GT3, or some combination of those. Other days I wake up just very happy and grateful to have my 964.





Shop: SXSW Exclusive: HELM Boots Founder Joshua Bingaman’s Guide to Austin’s Best Indie Shopping

If you live in Austin, you already know why these places are on Joshua's BlackBook list of the city's best places to shop. If you're coming to town for SXSW, you'll want to swing by these spots for everything from music to a quick wardrobe change to something sweet. With this list, this weeks Saturday Six is more like a Saturday Twelve, but in this case more is definitely better.

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