Saturday Six Vol LXXXXV

Saturday Six Vol LXXXXV


This is the Saturday Six Vol LXXXXV



Tonight - Western Grace Brandy Presents: A Night of Heavy Music and Heavy Pours! A free show featuring some of Austin's Highest Proof Bands and Western Grace Brandy. The show will be rocked by one of our personal favorite instruMETAL bands, Eagle Claw, as well as Destroyers of Light, Communion, Tia Carrera, and Band of Bastards. Western Grace will be on site supplying the libations and giving away Limited Edition long sleeve shirts designed by David Paul Seymour. First come, first serve! 




Set in the early 1990s (nostalgia anyone?), On Becoming a God in Central Florida is a dark comedy that takes on the bizarre, myopic obsessiveness and relentless (at times oppressive) optimism of the American Dream. The series features Kirsten Dunst in what might be the best performance of her storied career. Dunst thrives in the satirical spotlight as a single mom unwittingly caught up in a corrupt multi level marketing company. The plot follows Krystal Stubbs (Dunst), a minimum-wage waterpark employee, as she navigates the cultish ranks of Founders American Marketplace “FAM”, a fictional corporation based on real American MLMs. The first and last episodes of the series are directed by Charlie McDowell, one of our favorite indie writer/director/producer multi-hyphenates. We're confident the tragic demise of Alexander Skarsgård in Ep. 1 is more than enough to get you hooked. The tone feels like a plucky Coen brothers take at amusement park culture, complete with gators, witty banter, and a veritable buffet of anti-heros. The Showtime series is already renewed for a second season, so get in on the ground floor of this artful comedic happening. 




Honey Road serves sophisticated Mediterranean small plates, meze, cocktails & creative desserts in a super comfy tavern setting. We’d call it a modernized take on Middle Eastern food, served with sharing in mind, and everything they make is worth suggesting. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and knows the ingredients well and the process behind the preparation, so you can tell that they really care. The beauty of every plate gives a sense of heightened class, well balanced by a comfortable playlist featuring the likes of Ginuwine and Prince. Our two favorites were the Whipped Pumpkin Chili Labne and the Brussels Sprouts with Apples and Pumpkin Seeds, but literally everything we consumed was scrumptious. It’s a small space at the bottom corner of a pedestrian street in Burlington and fills up fast, so reservations are a must. Not to mention it’s women-owned-and-operated, and is a 2018, 2019 Jame Beard Award Semifinalist for Best Chef Northeast and Best New Restaurant. So good! 



If you haven’t seen Aaron's work before, it’s the kind of art that makes you actually say “Woah,” out loud, especially when you experience it in person. It’s the craft of an artist that is so specific and unique, you know it’s from his heart and hands when you see it. Aaron comes to artwork through the trade and skill of Mortise and Tenon process. He apprenticed with a builder in Portland, Maine, learning this technique of ancient wooden architecture. Through time and process, he used his scrap wood to carve, cut, portion, and puzzle together beautiful pieces that oftentimes look like massive wooden textiles. In his arrangements he uses large segments all the way down to bits that are installed with tweezers, sometimes adding color. Lots of color. From monochromatic to full color spectrum, he tells a story that you, as the viewer, get to define and make your own. In between making a living installing his handiwork, you will Aaron building and creating for his beautiful family in Austin or on their land in Northern California. He is an incredbile artist and a supremely talented craftsman with a keen and creative eye for materials and methods of building, and we’re extremely proud to know him. Aaron's shop is open during this final weekend of EAST and is located at 610 Springdale Ave Stop #371. Drop in! 



Up on the hill at East 7th and Chicon St. sits Barbon’s Barbershop, an Austin original quickly making a name for itself. Barbon’s was founded by the powerhouse sister duo, Sarita and Clarita Sanchez, who combined their business savviness and artistic eye to create a unique barbershop experience. Since opening its doors in July of 2017, Barbon’s talented team of barbers have been committed to giving every guest quality service and superb craftsmanship in Austin. Offering a classic menu of services, including hot towel shaves and beard trims, and an impressive selection of local libations, Barbon’s is bound to be one of your new favorite Eastside hangs. (PS - Barbon’s was voted Best Barbershop by Austin Monthly in August of 2019. Woah!) 



Abuse in any form is never easy to talk about, especially when it involves children and how it can often leave their lives unstable or out of control. Which is why we’re so grateful for organizations like Truth Be Told. Since 2000, Truth Be Told has been addressing a documented service gap in the correctional system for programs designed by women for women. Their gender-responsive programs address the unique risk factors that lead women into the criminal justice system — namely, high rates of interpersonal violence, substance abuse, and histories of childhood abuse. With programs that offer healing through storytelling, expressive arts, life skills and self-care tools, Truth Be Told empowers women to break free from the imprisoning narrative of past trauma and abuse. Through these programs, they experience healing that results in increased self-worth, accountability, and positive contributions to society. You can show your support and donate here

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