Saturday Six XI

Saturday Six XI

Ruminations with Rothko, denim in Dallas, criticism of co-workers, watches by Weiss, listening to the lyrics and nature with know what time it is. It’s the Saturday Six Vol. XI.



Go: Rothko Chapel

If you’re ever in or anywhere near Houston, then go here. Simple as that. Whether you admire the work of Mark Rothko or not (we highly do), sacred spaces like this are way too rare.  In addition to the gallery itself there are events, concerts and more - how cool is that? To experience this art and support a space like this is hugely important. So go be inspired and see and feel the beauty. Once you’re there standing amongst the vast and towering paintings bathed in the natural light cast down from above, you’ll see exactly what we mean.




Shop: Deep Ellum Denim

You might not think about the word ‘passion’ and ‘denim’ going together, but when you become familiar with the Deep Ellum Denim dudes you’ll get it. They have a plethora of options: every weight and cut, Japanese or U.S. - D.E. has you covered. Check them out at their store in Dallas or online and see how true denim connoisseurs operate.




Watch: TED Work Life “How to Love Criticism”

It can be hard to shoot straight with your co-workers, especially in certain work environments, so this podcast is enlightening and important. Ray Dalio is the founder of the investment firm Bridgewater Associates, one of the world's largest hedge funds which is a company where constant criticism is the norm — and people love it. There’s also stories from other business leaders and authors stepping out in “radical candor,” and even a guy who spends weeks telling people the exact ways he feels in immediate and blatantly honest truths. You’ll be uncomfortable and amazed and laugh as you listen. Enjoy!




We have a list of favorite brands, and WEISS is on it (our founder wears a Weiss watch with pride, so we really mean it.) Head watchmaker and founder Cameron Weiss is a champ. His vision came to fruition in 2013 in his native California, and his bountiful amount of schooling and training is beyond impressive. He designs and fabricates each piece by hand in Los Angeles, working diligently to restore American watchmaking using historical techniques merged with modern technologies. We hope you can make the time to check out his work! (Get it? Sorry, that was a bad one but we just couldn’t pass it up)


Listen: “That’s On My Arm”// A music mix by our very own Broc Wilson. Not only is he a film data bank (no lie, he can name everything and everyone in and around every movie ever made), but he’s also an avid consumer of all things music. Many of his favorite song lyrics are tattooed all the way down his arm, hence the title of his mix. Listen to it - it’s soooo solid.

Attend: “A SECRET SPOT around here” // photos by Nils Juul-Hansen

Opening Party: Thursday, April 12 6pm-8pm at the HELM Store on East 11th Austin

Hanging: April 1 - Apr 30


Nils swims in Barton Springs, every day, all year. These swims have inspired this “Secret Spot” journey. Water is essence and in Central Texas it comes from the many springs. The energy of the water in these springs is vibrant and brisk. You can feel it in the core of the life of Austin. Nils has trekked, discovered and dove into the waters - literally and figuratively - camera in hand, capturing the light and complexity of every detail of every ripple, wave and flow. He has now printed these beautiful discoveries for us to see.


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