Saturday Six XIII

Saturday Six XIII

From woodworking to shoeshining, denim to The Dirty Three’s - this is the newest edition of the Saturday Six Vol XIII

Admire: ​The Work of Kylle Sebree

In the last photo shoot we did, we worked with this guy in Carlsbad, California, and seeing him in action in his workshop left us speechless. His pieces are simply beautiful. His work ethic, ability to craft such art with his hands, and the quality of it all is amazing. Look through his site, and if the urge arises to shop we can attest that his work is even more divine in person.

Watch:The Art of the Shine

What do sobriety, war, shame, art, bettering NYC, and wanting to cure a country of its throw-away culture all have to do with each other? Believe it or not, shoe shining. These topics and so much more are part of this PBS/KLRU Independent Lens film that we highly, highly recommend. And it’s totally happenstance that it’s about shoes - nothing there in regard to us - but it seriously says so much about culture and humanity, and is profound in its simplicity. Take one hour out of your schedule and watch it - it’s one of those professions of people you’ve never thought about, and then you realize how truly powerful it is.

Wear:Rogue Territory

Rogue Territory is another one of our favorite brands. They’re focused on handcrafted quality denim goods and apparel, and when you see them and put them on you can tell they’re created for a discerning customer who appreciates subtle design details, perfect fit and modernized classics. RGT began in 2008 as a custom denim workshop, located within American Rag’s World Denim Bar in LA, and offered bespoke one-of-a-kind denim pieces. The next year they focused on ready-to-wear denim and have now grown to include trousers, work shirts, jackets, shirts, and accessories. Check them out - they rule!

Read: 12 Rules For Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson

Let it be known that everyone in the modern world needs to know that the nervous system of a lobster tells us about success in life and that people tread dreadful paths when they become resentful, arrogant and vengeful. Renowned psychologist, Jordan B. Peterson, answers many difficult questions and combines the truths of ancient tradition with the revelations of cutting-edge scientific research. Super informative and sometimes humorous, you’ll be surprised how skateboarding, cat petting and criticizing is all part of the knowledgeable trip. The wisdoms of the world distilled in 12 rules for life through human nature, faith, and science...really? Yep.

View: ​Alyson Fox

Alyson is a dear and old friend of ours, and we’ve been blessed to be able to follow her art from the beginning. Product design, illustration, photography - she does it all - and in a very unique way. The timeless tenacity of the subjects, the angles, and the colors can be as haunting as they are harmonious. Rumor has it we have a few of her original drawings way back from 2003, and they’re as splendid and captivating now as ever. They’re not something from her more recent work that you might stumble across in Wallpaper, Vogue or Dwell, but we think that makes them even more special.

Listen: Five Friends Favorite 90’s Albums Third Edition

Michael Muller​ of Balmorhea
Fugazi In On The Kill TakerThis album really opened my eyes to the role that dissonance plays in building tension towards an eventual melodic and harmonic release. The slanted and sometimes harsh contrasts in this record effortlessly bleed over into total catchy hooks that no other rock band to my mind can emulate accurately. This was the first record I ever heard by Fugazi, so it truly stands out as a unique thread that would lead someday into my own personal exploration into and within music.

Stephanie Beard ​of Esby
Nirvana Unplugged - Best album ever, and I still listen to it like it just came out yesterday.

Sasha Koehn of Buck Mason
Weezer Blue Album - Every song is a hit, and the Buddy Holly music video with The Fonz in it...amazing!

Tyson Cole of Uchi, Uchiko, Loro 
Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream

Will Johnson - Musician
The Dirty Three’s Ocean Songs 

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