Saturday Six XIV

Saturday Six XIV

This week we celebrate vinyl records, motorcycles built by hand, watches built by a Carpenter, the world’s greatest chefs, a new fancy food hall, and last but not least a music mix from our founder...this is the Saturday Six Vol. XIV


Buy: Records! Today is National Record Store Day

Remember record stores where you buy real records? Oh dear, if you’re reading this and you have never purchased vinyl - or are an avid collector or anywhere in between - then get off your keister and go to a local record store today and buy a record. An album - a whole entire album! Remember those!? Thank the Lord that there are (and have always been) the Rob Gordon’s living amongst us to survive something that truly matters. As music and books and most all other consumable artistic mediums go to reside in “the cloud,” it’s up to us to keep the foundation of where streaming tunes really came from. Or for that matter what tangible album cover art and liner notes are. Who would’ve thunk that buying vinyl would almost be like some sort of rebellion? Or better yet, a resistance.



Go: The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show No. 5

It started yesterday and goes through the weekend (4/20-4/22) - so get out there and see the best of the best. Hard to believe this is it’s fifth year and it just keeps getting bigger and better! Put on by our friends and neighbors at REVIVAL MOTORCYCLES, it’s an event you have to experience to believe. Every one of the coolest custom bikes in the world are on display and there’s super cool product for sale and food and drinks and oh yeah, the WALL OF DEATH!? You gotta see it. So good. (PS- If you never saw the “Hard Work” series we shot years ago, one of the spots was a great one on Alan and Stefan who are the head honchos at Revival - we called it “The Gear Heads”)



Watch: Chef’s Table

We don’t have the words to describe this one. Stunning. Magnificent. Doesn’t do it justice. Foodie or not, you gotta trust us on this one - start with the first season. If you’re not deeply moved within a couple of episodes you can call our bluff. The cinematography and the stories are daunting and perfect. The processes accompanied by the masterful music and the awe inspiring preparations and presentations are fascinating. Seriously, eyes welling up with tears through many episodes. We could keep gushing but we'll leave the experience to you.



Eat: Fareground Food Hall

It’s open! An inside-outside, eat-drink, work-play, early-to-rise, late-to-close hub, all within walking distance of the heart of downtown Austin. Antonelli’s, Contigo, Dai Due, Easy Tiger, Henbit, Ni-Kome and more make up this subterranean meca. The Fareground Bar is in progress now. Get on it!



Wear: Carpenter Watches

Born and bred in Brooklyn, NY, this watch brand is strong and beautifully crafted. Founder and designer Neil Carpenter studied industrial and furniture design and worked for many years as a professional product designer before one of his first passions came full circle. As a young boy, Neil was introduced to his family’s extensive pocket watch collection of American brands such as Elgin, Illinois, Waltham and Hamilton. He was drawn to everything about the pieces and now his own creations nod to each detail of those pocket watches from days of old. We highly suggest you check them out!



Listen: Joshua’s Late Afternoon Mix   

Joshua can be listening to almost any genre of music and actually know who and what he’s listening to and can probably tell you more about the artist or album then you’d care to know. This is a quick pull of a few jams for an afternoon drive.

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