Saturday Six XIX

Saturday Six XIX



We begin this week’s Saturday Six with a Haiku

Texas hostel noise.
Coffee is our mercantile.
Kitchen sweet and spice.



Rock: Old Blood Noise Endeavors

If you play guitar then you gotta check these guys out. Even if you don’t play guitar, these effect pedals are still pretty sweet and interesting enough to give a look-see. You can click on any of the pedals or the video link and watch a short film that features the creators with different artists and even details the processes with different musicians. How cool is that!? Pretty much any music we’ve all listened to has guitar sounds tweaked, manipulated and driven by effect pedals - but what Old Blood Noise is doing is different. From the art and film to the science, engineering and creativity in between, it’s all a trip - and a good one at that. Their tag line is “TAKE RISKS. MAKE NOISE.” That’s a strong one and basically what they’re doing so keep up the noise boys!



Discover: Texas Monthly podcast

If you love Texas and you love podcasts then we’ve got your newest favorite listen. On Texas Monthly's new podcast, aka "The National Podcast of Texas," the publication's writers and editors bring the stories of the state's people and issues beyond print and to your earholes! Their inaugural episode kicked off in January, and they've been presenting weekly interviews and discussions on culture, politics, entertainment, food, and more in Texas and beyond. That’s a lot of content to enjoy. With special people like Tim Ferriss (staggeringly smart), conspiracy expert Ryan Holiday (intriguingly interesting), musician Shakey Graves (super songs), author Lawrence Wright (New York news), Lance Armstrong (freaking fast), and Ethan Hawke (amazingly accomplished) --- you should probably go ahead and get started.


Stay: Native Hostel Austin 

When you hear “hostel” you might think of having to share a bathroom with backpackers in Europe, but that’s not this all. The Native in Austin is so much more. From the design of the spaces to the kitchen and bar, the cafe’, the music and art - the details - this place definitely knows how to throw a party. Oh yeah, and the rooms - they’re damn fine. Give the website a run through and see for yourself. It’s like a grown up dressier hostel but we wouldn’t necessarily use the words “mature” or “responsible” because it’s way too fun for that.

Shop: Manready Mercantile

Houston has a lot of treasures hidden in it’s massiveness, and one of the diamonds is Manready Mercantile. Located in the historic Houston Heights, this place looks and feels like you’ve walked into a giant old industrial warehouse in the belly of Noah’s Ark. You’ll see what we mean. Stocked floor to ceiling with apothecary, candles (they make their own in house - hella good), apparel, bags, rustic-chic gifts, denim, magazines, and jerky. Heck, why not throw in some taxidermy & hides. The heart, sweat and sole that goes into this place and everything around it is just shy of unbelievable.

Taste: Bushwick Kitchen

Bees Knees, Weak Knees, Trees Knees...what is this, a Dr. Seuss book? Nope! It’s the names of the infused honey, maple syrup, and baller sriracha from the Bushwick Kitchen in Brooklyn. Well known for their Spicy Honey, Gochujang Sriracha and Spicy Maple, they also have gifts sets, totes, towels and even recipes. Spicy and sweet and everything neat! Add to cart.


Caffeinate: Hoboken Coffee

If you haven’t heard, there’s somewhat of a revival happening in Guthrie, Oklahoma. We’re not talking about a preacher hootin’ and hollerin’ in a big white tent. We mean a reviving of hotels, bed and breakfasts, shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. It just might be a spot off the beaten path that you should consider seeing someday,and when you do be sure to visit Hoboken Coffee. Run by a humble hardworking husband and wife team, they converted the space that was the old ‘Willie’s Tire’ garage and their hard work shows not only there but also in the coffee. Be sure to order some online - they roast it just right.

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