Saturday Six XL

Saturday Six XL


Walk the world’s largest bookstore
Eating the restaurant at the Line
Coffee from a Machine Head
Brothers who Howl
Taking a
Long Time
Smell your best
Here is the Saturday Six Vol. XL




In a world where digital is quickly suffocating the joys and experiences of real books, we are so grateful that there are places like Powell’s to keep the tradition of reading real ink on a page - not to mention feeling, smelling, and even tasting the pages - as is to say explaining to a younger generation why you lick your finger to turn a page and why it’s called “dog-earing” one to hold your spot. Established in 1971 and literally the largest bookstore in the world, it’s called the “city of books.” Go to Powell’s and enter into the magical maze of literary genius. You can spend days here and expand your mind and imagination while saving one of the best things ever gifted to humanity - books.




Arlo Grey is the debut lakeside restaurant by Top Chef 10 winner Kristen Kish. Kish’s culinary style melds precise training and technique rooted in French and Italian traditions with a nostalgia for dishes from her upbringing, her world travels, and her exploration of the bountiful ingredients of Central Texas. Arlo Grey serves breakfast, weekend brunch, lunch, dinner and cocktails with sweeping views of Town Lake.




Coffee guru, Nolan, worked behind espresso machines in some renowned cafés prior to opening his own coffee truck and then ultimately and recently, his flagship in Austin. We almost forgot to mention they share a space with Veracruz Tacos. (Hands down our favorite in Austin.)

Plus don’t miss the special guest music mixes they feature here.




Howler founders, Chase Heard and Andy Stepanian, spent their adolescent summers haunting the waters and fish of Florida and Virginia and riding the ripples those states call waves. They’re not really blood brothers but are bonded by many shared callings : surfing, fishing, paddling and the good things that come with these pursuits. They love things like fire pits, really good tequila, limes, and pre-dawn coffee. Their clothing, accessories and all things Howler are focused on fun and adventure and you can tell. Just some honest dudes with a big vision and dreams that they’re fearlessly making happen. When you wear their gear, you can’t help but join the joyous journey.




Written and produced by some of the greatest names in Austin (including our awesome buddy Bradley Beesley) and with music from some of our favorite local dudes (including Dan Dyer and Jesse Woods), this short film from YETI about Jack Sanders is a must see. Jack Sanders was certain he found the perfect remodeling project for his senior architecture thesis. But an outsider’s view on what was needed for a rural Alabama baseball team required a different approach, one that derived from the inside out. In the end, his unorthodox approach led him to discover how a community built on passion and innovation is what legacies are made of, and he followed suit. Go get ‘em Jack!




Some people live by natural deodorants - some people demand only the highest of dryness and fragrance. For those of the former, we suggest Serota's Underarm Balm. A super-effective, all-natural deodorant for ladies and gentlemen. Made by hand in East Austin, these little brown glass jars contain a heavenly concoction of natural products attuned to your body's, well - underarms. Members of our crew wear it and swear by it so the least we can do is turn you on to it. Arms up!



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