Saturday Six XLIV

Saturday Six XLIV

This is the Saturday Six Vol. XLIV


Known first for its avant-garde sunglasses, St. Rita’s Parlor released a fragrance of the finest quality parfum. It’s a limited unisex fragrance comprised of over 18 rare and organic essential oils with notes of whiskey, tobacco, and rose. Owner Neil Bardon’s grandmother, Rita, would tend to her rose garden whilst smoking a hand-rolled tobacco cigarette and drinking a whiskey and water, inspiring this unique and wonderful fragrance. Handmade by Saint Rita Parlor in Los Angeles, California. Get it. Smell it. Wear it.




These guys know what’s up. With two locations in NY and one in Tokyo, they’ve got the beat on men’s fashion and always know where it’s at and where it’s headed. Offering private label outerwear, pants, shirts, knits, custom tailored suits, accessories and footwear, FSC is the kind of shop you walk into with only the shirt on your back and leave with a full wardrobe. The staff is always ready and willing to walk you through everything you might need. Oh, and did we mention they have an in-house barber shop? Yeah, that’s what we’re talkin’ about.




We were just in Portland and locals kept telling us that we had to try this place. “It’s just chicken and rice,” they said. Um, ok - then why so special? “And get extra sauce and get ready to have your mind blown.” So we went, consumed this praised and simple cuisine (with extra sauce), and we left fulfilled by the truth and happy as could be. KHAO MAN GAI is one of the most popular of native Thai foods, found especially in Bangkok. The original Khao Man Gai is from Hainan province, China. You sometimes also find it called Hainanese Chicken. The chicken is poached and traditionally cooked as a whole. The chicken broth is used to cook the rice with Thai herbs. And the celebrated sauce? A wonderful blend of fermented soy bean puree, mixed with garlic, ginger, thai chilies, vinegar and sugar. The owner is passionate beyond belief (you can watch a few videos on her on the website, including her TEDTalk), and it shows in every detail and flavor. So go get a serving of Nong’s KMG in your belly, and you’ll be going back for a second visit before you know it. We sure did.




Considered America’s “Premier Urban Forest,” this Oregon park is 5,200 acres and one of the largest urban forests in the United States. With more than 80 miles of trails and forest roads, the park stretches more than seven miles along the eastern slope of the Tualatin Mountains, overlooking Northwest Portland and the convergence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. Forest Park offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience a true Northwest forest without leaving the Portland city limits. We actually jogged the trail through the golden colors of Fall leaves all the way up to the Pittok Mansion, and boy howdy that a site from up top!



The brothers Faherty invite you to join them in their “Never Ending Summer.” Well, don’t mind if we do, boys! Mike and Alex’s life-long dream has been to create clothing for life's great moments: the ones spent by the water, around a bonfire, catching waves or watching sunrises. They also say that their gear is what makes the morning commute, the boss you don't like, and the pile of work on your desk not so bad. They’re proud to design clothing made from unique and sustainable fabrics, as they develop close, personal relationships with their manufacturers to craft high quality goods. They have six shops around the country in SoHo and West Village, NY; Boston and Nantucket, MA; and Malibu and Newport Beach, CA. If you're in any of those areas, drop in to shop and say hi, as you’re likely to see one of the brothers in a store. We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know them and their families - truly great dudes and one of our favorite brands!




Fellow Barber’s mission is grooming and using their signature products in their barber shops everyday to help elevate your style. FB has been igniting the barbershop renaissance for over a decade. Since opening in 2006 in Downtown NYC, they’ve grown independently to multiple locations in New York and San Francisco. They celebrate that their joints aren’t trend based, but rather a tradition.  Over the years, they’ve pawned a new barbering subculture, helped raise the overall barbering wage nationwide, and created new jobs by elevating the craft of barbering. Their company is built on people, style, and skill. Each one of their shops embodies the individuality of its staff and the neighborhood. You will find a consistent quality throughout each location, but with a unique aesthetic inspired by the diversity of the neighborhood and clientele. This is the tradition they work to preserve and grow.
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