Saturday Six XLVII

Saturday Six XLVII


A Haiku.

Used to be a friend
Blessed lights of Texmas cheer
Goodnight vodka love

Here is your Saturday Six Vol. XLVII



Eric Pulido (of MIDLAKE BAND) has a new solo project under a moniker name E.B. The Younger, and his first single and video are out now. The video is lively, fun and entertaining, while the song is really beautiful. Polido says, “The tune ‘Used To Be’ is an acquiescence towards an imminent coming-of-age and the subsequent peace found in its acceptance. In short, this is 40 and I’m OK with it.” He describes the new upcoming album as “an eleven-song journey through the life and times of a wayward Midlaker seeking to find purpose in an uncharted land. Will he find his way? Listen, and ye shall find.” Pulido also mentions that the new record “hears traces of The Eagles, Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell, Wings and CS&N,” as well as an “eighties vibe” to “Used to Be.” We’re excited to hear it!



In a world awash in podcasts of fear, dread, stories of death/murder/people missing, lunacy of the human race and politics (one in the same?), it’s downright refreshing to have a voice like Conan O’Brien’s talking about pretty much nothing at all with people. Over the last 25 years of interviewing people from behind his desk on late night, he claims to have never made a real and lasting friendship with any of his celebrity guests. So he started this podcast to do just that. Deeper, unboundedly playful, this is a weekly podcast that’s an opportunity for Conan to hang out with the people he enjoys most and perhaps find some real friendship along the way. We suggest you start by listening to his first interview with Will Ferrell, and if you’re not smiling and laughing off the bat, then go ahead and turn it off. We doubt that’ll happen.




December 10 - 23: Get your tickets here, bundle up and get ready for a bright, dazzling and colorful escapade through Zilker Park. Check the dates for a movie night showing of “Polar Express” (yes, we can still hear the bell), a UT night, and Heroes Night to honor veterans, active military, and first responders (police, fire, EMS). Whether you’ve been or not, just don’t forget to get under the tree of lights and look up and spin and spin and spin.


Want to waste time and drool over things you’ll probably never buy but probably want to? Then this is your site. From motorcycles to watches to architecture to all terrain vehicles and more - there’s plenty here to get lost in. Inspiring and enticing? Absolutely. Rational and realistic? Not so much. They call it the “web magazine for guys,” but we know plenty of women who dig on the same kinda stuff, so we wouldn’t necessarily suggest narrowing the playing field. Time to browse!



Both Russians and Poles claim they invented vodka, but Goodnight Loving Vodka takes that dispute out of the equation when you know it’s made right here in Austin with Texas artesian spring water. Smooth and clean on the palate, GLV pairs well with the classic cocktails your parents served at the height of cocktail culture. These guys make it easy to support local when it’s this damn good. Officially in market, you can find them at Austin Shaker, Davenport Wine and Spirits, and Austin Wine Merchant.  



It's Party Time. You’re invited to the 5th Annual Merry Texmas Shop and Shindig!

Eat, drink, shop and get merry with some of your favorite Texas brands on Dec. 13th, 6-9pm

Come join us as we celebrate another Merry Texmas at the Criquet Clubhouse. Shop your favorite Texas brands while sipping on some of your favorite Texas spirits and beers. We’ll be accepting unwrapped toys for Operation Blue Santa, which provides gifts for children in need here in Austin. Help us make this holiday more special for local kids who need a little extra love. Participating Brands: Barton Watch Bands, Duck Camp, Edel, Geaux Pup, Helm Boots, Jack Donnelly, Mod Bikes, Richter Goods, Save Muny, Willigan's Island, Win Well, Zilker Belts. Sponsors: Nine Banded Whiskey, Real Ale, Tito's, Tequila 512, JuiceLand, Rambler.

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