Saturday Six XV

Saturday Six XV

A pro skater goes to photography and a pair of pants goes to Columbia. Chinese is to modern as wine is to Santa Barbara. History is to music as art is to baseball. What the heck are we talking about? Read the Saturday Six Vol. XV to find out.

Get: A Plain View by Jason Lee
It’s always cool to see true artists morph from field to field, from passion to passion, and continue a career through multiple different mediums. Enter Jason Lee. Pro skater to film photographer, actor, producer, and director, he’s a true multitalent. The most recent chapter in an ongoing photographic exploration of rural America with large format Polaroid films, A PLAIN VIEW is a book comprised of color photographs made throughout Texas using expired Kodak 4x5 color films and a Graflex Speed Graphic view camera. This is the first edition, and only 2000 copies were made. Get it!

Go: Fortune Goods
The guys at Fortune Goods are super cool, talented and innovative, and their new brick and mortar store on East 12th in Austin is downright lovely. Their latest Color Cubano line is “inspired by legends, folklore, history, people food and colors of Cuba.” The rest of the FG shirts, jackets, pants, and jewelry all have their own influences and stories as well. Check out their site, or if you’re in Austin go to their store. We think you’ll dig it.

Eat: Old Thousand
This one is gonna be easy. If you’re in Austin then you have no excuse not to dine in or dine out at Old Thousand. We’re pretty picky about our fried rice and the veggie fried rice here is legit. Are those brussel sprouts and purple cabbage in there? Uh, yeah, it is. #awesome. On that note, we have yet to order anything we wouldn’t order again. The creativity and care put into the dishes is stupendously scrumptious. The ambiance of the restaurant and bar are right on and the simplicity of the whole experience online and in-house is done with style and ease. Chinese with a modern twist. Eat it!

Drink: Potek Winery
So one of our favorite spots in Santa Barbara is Potek. It’s part of the Mill and shares a perfect little courtyard garden with the Window Brewery and Windwood Kitchen - also choice spots. At Potek, the tasting room, the events, their store and their wine club are all done right. Potek wines are made with grapes sourced from the most interesting and pioneering vineyards in Santa Barbara County. They apply traditional French techniques to produce wines that reflect their origin and journey from grape to glass as purely as possible. The old world blends with the new in our modern production facility and tasting room located in downtown. Go visit them. (David’s story is also golden. He carries the torch of tradition through multiple generations - read more about it here).

Know: The Railroad Boot
Fun fact! Did you know that what is now the Railroad Boot was originally designed and released in 2012 for the Railroad Revival Tour in 2012? It was called the RRT boot for short, and the first run of them had an exclusive RRT logo on the tongue and in the footbed. Rolling Stone even featured it here. Well ain’t that grand?

Listen: Will Johnson
We can’t say enough good things about this guy. His first band Centro-Matic was killer and massively influential, his paintings are ingenious and fascinating, and his solo music carries immense depth, both lyrically and sonically. Aside from that, he’s one of the sweetest and nicest dudes to walk the planet. So go listen to his albums and see his art, and then go see him on tour. You’ll be a fan in no time.  
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