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Saturday Six XVII


Purple kicks, drinks in Denver, luscious leather, secret ramen, laughable literature, and a music mix by a dog...every Saturday comes another fix, so here’s Saturday Six Vol. XVII



Watch: Converse Cons' "Purple" Video

We have some good buds over at Converse, and they put a lot of hard work into making this awesome film. Whether you grew up skateboarding, or possibly still do, this piece will definitely make you want to and/or at least respect the heck out of the skills and sheer grit it takes to be a pro. Be it basketball, chemistry, music or poetry - it’s all art - and giving everything you’ve got is the only way you’ll know how far your heart can take you. Watch this film - it’s good proof of the matter.



Visit: Death and Co Denver

By far the coolest bars in the entire country are created and sustained by this dynamic duo. Not only that, but Alex Day and David Kaplan also have the baddest modern day cocktail book ever conceived and are pretty much stealing the show as the player to watch. Their latest golden gift to the scene is Death and Co Denver, which is its own triple threat, nosh included. It’s just as fresh as Death and Co NYC but has its own twists, not unlike their projects Walker Inn and Normandie in LA. The list goes on. These guys can’t be contained, and if you ask us, they can’t lose either. Get to the Denver location stat, and pick up their book on your way. You’ll never drink the same.



Carry: Moore and Giles

There are leather bags, and then there’s Moore and Giles. There are leather accessories, and then there’s Moore and Giles. There are leather furnishings and home goods, and then there’s Moore and Giles. We think you get the point. We have HELM staff that are M&G devotees that’ll never turn back. Simply put, they’re just the right amount of luxurious, super functional and amazingly durable. Pack it, carry it, take it, sit on it - you’ll never find better.



Eat: Afuri

This ramen restaurant in Portland is soooooo good, and it’s the first one outside of Japan. The food is amazing, and everything about it is done right.  Read about them on their site and why they chose to specifically open in Portland over any other city. Ok, here’s a teaser: it’s because of their water. Interesting! And omg the broths are out of this world!  What distinguishes them are the seasonings. They use a specific tare (tare is used like salt to season ramen) in four versions, and only three people across the entire Afuri franchise know what goes into its tare. So whether it’s the secret tare, the special water, or the fact that they tirelessly focus on the details, Afuri is definitely different than other ramen joints - in a really good way.



Read: "My Life as an Experiment" by AJ Jacobs

If you’re not already familiar with A.J. Jacobs and his books, then here’s a good place to start. He’s a journalist and lecturer, but is best known for writing about his lifestyle experiments. We’ve read a few of them (“The Year of Living Biblically,” in which he follows the Bible as literally as possible is pretty damn funny) and this new one is at the top of the list. Whether you’re one who laughs out loud while reading books or not, we challenge you not to laugh during this one. On a mission to improve every aspect of his life — from work, to love, to family — Jacobs becomes a human guinea pig and immerses himself in a series of radical lifestyle experiments. Becoming an undercover movie star, dating as a single woman, and joining the Radical Honesty movement are just a few of the extremes he takes in this book. Read it and thank us later.



Listen: "Toast and the East Coast" // A Playlist by Amelia Zind (but not really)

You don’t have to be driving around New England to enjoy it, but that’s how this song list came together. Our gal Amelia says she put it together, but we know her dog, Toast, is really who did. Why do so many people take credit for their dogs’ work? Come on ya’ll, let your pup have the limelight for once. They deserve it. Now roll the windows down, and turn this one up.