Saturday Six XVIII

Saturday Six XVIII

Original frontiersmen, a mystery box, gifts that inspire, retro sounds, the Cobra Kai, and the Mutt Misfits. Yes, it’s what you’ve been waiting for - the Saturday Six Vol. XVIII


Learn: The Men Who Built America: Frontiersmen

History buff or not, this series is chock full of facts and information that will enlighten your mind, possibly sadden your heart, and definitely fill you with pride. It’s superbly filmed dramatizations of significant moments in history (thanks in part to production from Leonardo DiCaprio) and spliced with interviews from experts and survivalists. The more we all know about the victories and failures of the past, the more we can take informed and knowledgeable actions to do what’s right. Watch this series and, if you have kids, have them watch it too.

Watch: JJ Abrams: The Mystery Box

J.J. Abrams is pretty genius and super duper skilled. In this TED talk he brings a “mystery box” that he got with his grandad when he was little and reveals how it still inspires him. He revisits some of his favorite parts in his films and TV shows, including Lost, Star Trek and Star Wars VII, and even though this is shot in 2007, it’s crazy to think about the technology then and what it is now. The insight he gives in regard to certain scenes and plots from movies like E.T. and Jaws is pretty amazing and gives you a total paradigm shift in what these movies are really all about. That there are hidden stories behind all the action and noise. Could be that we might have deeper stories behind all of our own action and noise? For an 18 minute talk this one’s pretty amazing and just enough time for you to possibly grab a box of tissues.

Shop: Take Heart

Attention! This is a super awesome store in East Austin alert. Take Heart is a well lit, naturally simple space and it’s filled with an abundant selection of creative cards, perfect pens, select stationeries, nifty lil’ notebooks, art prints, home goods, books...the list goes on. It’s the shop where you go in to look around and, before you know it, you end up treating yourself to something special that you didn’t even know you needed. After that you'll realize you can get all the gifts you need anytime for everyone on your list. Perfect! Their sign says that they carry “gifts to inspire” but we’d also like to add that browsing and shopping in Take Heart just makes your heart happy.

Listen: "Good Thing" by Leon Bridges

Leon’s sophomore album blends his original smooth voice and strong lyrics with a touch of a 70’s and even 80’s retro sound. A good balance of old school instrumentation with current studio sounds brings a perfect production feel and almost live vibe to every song. Put your headphones on, close your eyes and chill. You can almost picture the live show. It’s a fun album and perfect for cool drinks or dinner with friends. Thank goodness we have artists like Leon Bridges still making real music with true feelings and emotion that really does transcend time.

Relive: Cobra Kai

There’s really not much to be said. This masterpiece speaks for itself. The nostalgia. The epic journey that got us here. The immense undertaking of this project. If you can watch the trailer and not be hooked then you might need to make some serious life changes. Wax on.

Help: Mutt Misfits

We personally know these guys and what they’re doing is pretty incredible. You can rescue a dog from a shelter but what happens to the ones considered unrescuable? The dogs that have been severely injured, have disease or disfigurement, or are possibly even near death’s door? What if they’ve been quit on but still have a fighting chance? Well, they’re being fought for by a group who really cares, the Mutt Misfits. Their mantra is “It is our goal to save the unsaveable.” They’re located in Oklahoma City and if you want to help you can donate through PayPal or their Facebook page. While you’re looking through their puppies, one just might grab your heart enough to head their way. We hope so. Here’s to taking care of the dogs that are disregarded, rejected and the ones who just got dealt a bad hand. Let’s help the misfits!
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