Saturday Six XXI

Saturday Six XXI



Architecture + menswear + honey wine + Mr. Rogers + an art gallery + summer essentials = Saturday Six Vol. XXI


See: Mr. Rogers Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Many of us grew up watching Fred Rogers. Rarely do humans like him come along and bless as many lives as he has, and he continues to do so. This documentary is extremely moving as you revisit Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and how amazingly simple day to day tasks were, but also how he used them as peaceful learning experiences. At the same time, he was able to help children understand topics such as death, divorce and racism. How did he do this? And how could someone’s heart be so led to lessen so many others’ burdens along the way? At the end of the preview he says, “The greatest thing that we can do is to help somebody know that they are loved and are capable of loving.” Dang, if we could all have a sliver of the love he gave, the world could be a much better place.

Admire: Matt Garcia Design

Architecture. It’s everywhere. It surrounds the outsides of our daily lives, and whether we realize it or not, it affects our insides. Some architects focus as much on the desires of the client as the design of the project. Enter Matt Garcia. He’s talented as all get out, and his designs are near flawless. A tender balance of industrial and natural, he makes many families’ dreams become realities. MGD has focused on single family residential work of various sizes throughout Austin, Central Texas and Los Angeles. The firm takes a simple modernist design approach and walks hand in hand all along the way with each and every client - site planning, structure, massing and use of materials - Matt manages it all. Fun fact: we shot one of our seasonal films at the Exit Strategy, which was designed and built by MGD.

Shop: Service Menswear

If you’re in Austin, don’t miss this men’s store (you can shop it online as well.) The owners, Kirk and James, have been in the game for over 30 years and know exactly what they’re doing. And they can help you find exactly what you need. The clothes and accessories are always classic, smart and approachable, with just enough edge to give you that feeling of uniqueness. The store is simple, clean, naturally well lit, and ergonomically friendly, so shopping feels easy and not overwhelming. We often find ourselves there for necessities like the perfect sunglasses or the best shirt for the season. Organic growth for over twenty years is more than enough proof that Service is the real deal. Nationally known, Service was the first to offer many brands in Austin such as Deus Ex Machina, Gant Rugger, Hartford, Naked & Famous Denim, Mollusk, and Unbranded Brand.

Drink: Honey’s in Bushwick

Honey’s is not just any tasting room. It’s where you’ll find creative experts offering various honey wines made with perfection and served with craft in a thoughtfully cozy space. It’s like a tasting room with an advanced education, and because it’s part of Enlightenment Wines, this only makes sense. The staff is amazing. The space is beautifully designed. The ingredients in the cocktails are perfectly chosen, and their in-house popcorn has to be tried - and there’s so much more to be tried as well. If you won’t be in Brooklyn any time soon, get your taste buds tantalized by ordering online. Honey time!

View: PREACHER Gallery

The team at PREACHER is crazy creative, and you can see their many highly successful projects on their website, but right now we want to mention something else that makes them stand apart - their gallery! Successful artists and designers who not only help businesses achieve their creative goals, but who also help other artists thrive? Right on! The PREACHER crew had always hoped to find enough room to house a permanent gallery space and open it up to the creative community, so when they discovered a large split-level annex next to their main offices in Austin, they made it happen. Their mission is to share it with artists and creators who, like themselves, want to experiment and find new inspiration. At the gallery they curate solo and group shows as well as host special events. Heck yeah!



Six Summer Essentials

Put it on top: Jungmaven Original Tee // Super soft, super lightweight and a more generous fit.  It’s 60% hemp (so smooth!), 40% cotton, breathes so well and made in the USA. Come on!

Put it on bottom: Outdoor Voices Stretch Crepe Trail Short with Hidden Liner // Perfect length, liner, fabric and fit. Walk, run, hike, jump in Barton Springs...repeat.

Put on face: Shwood Sunglasses // Our friends in Portland know what they’re doing. Great frames. Great lenses. Multiple styles to choose from. It’s impossible to pick just one pair, but the summer is long, so get two.

Keep it cold: YETI Colster // Are you kidding me? This thing keeps your brewski cold for so damn long it’s scary. If you haven’t finished your beer in this while it’s still cold then you need to drink up wayyyyy faster.

Pool it: Birkenstock Arizona Essentials EVA Sandals // Birkenstocks? Yes- in crazy lightweight EVA rubber (that floats!) Just try these. Pool, gym shower, around the house - before you know it you’ll have all the colors.

Short travel: Malin+Goetz Weekender Kit //  We use it. It’s pretty perfect - all of it.  


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