Saturday Six XXIII

Saturday Six XXIII


Bags, babies, Bunkhouse, boots, sailors, and rock and it is - Saturday Six Vol XXIII




Carry: Aer SF Bags 

Their tag line is, “We make minimalist bags for city travel.” As simple as that sounds, there’s a lot more to it. These guys are super passionate and really know what they’re doing. Their Travel Pack is amazing and we’re not the only ones who think so - to be the winner of a “Carry Award” via Carryology, you’ve gotta be doing something on point. Their bags are designed and created based on Simplicity, Durability and Utility. The collections include: Active, Travel, Work and Camo - all of which are simply supreme. Pick one up, load it up, and carry on. 



Enjoy: Laura Izumikawa on Instagram

She is a self proclaimed “mama & wife” and also the author of Naptime With Joey. What is Naptime With Joey? Well, if you scroll through her feed or simply search the hashtag #naptimewithjoey, you’ll get a glimpse of her (and her daughter’s) work. If you can look without having a good time, well, then we don’t know what to say, because we’re having a real good time. Just think, if you had a book like this of your mom dressing you up while you were napping - genius.



Watch: Liz Lambert Interview | The Tim Ferriss Show

If you live anywhere in or around Austin (or for that matter within thousands and thousands of miles of Austin), you’ve probably heard the name Liz Lambert. Whether you have or not, you need to watch this interview. Liz started a company called Bunkhouse, which is an umbrella of boutique hotels that are booming with creativity, art and service. There is so much to learn and experience here through Liz’s successes, failures, knowledge and courage. But what is success really? Hear what her POV is. Her whole gig from beginning to now is not only a damn good story, but it has a lot of heart. Keep the beat alive Ms. Lambert - we’re backin’ you all the way.



Read: Discussing The Big Steps with Joshua Bingaman of HELM Boots


Our founder, Joshua, sat down with Founding Austin to share some of the ups and downs of starting a business and sticking with it. He discusses entrepreneurship, passion and life, but also references “eating plenty of crow” and admitting that every day is a new game. Willingness to learn, perseverance and endurance are only the beginning. If you want to learn a little bit more about the beginnings of our company and some of who, how and why it is what it is today, then this is a good start.



Shop: Son of a Sailor


William Knopp and Jessica Tata are the husband and wife team behind Son of a Sailor, made in their studio in Austin. They offer a selection of jewelry and lifestyle goods, each of which is designed, crafted and assembled by William, Jessica and their production staff. Sincerely made by hand in their own space - nice! Unisex necklaces and bracelets, leather key fobs, shot boards, clocks, pocket knives, leather wallets, toys - the list goes on! And it’s all so good. The patterns and colors are superbly well done with so much thought going into the design and functionality of each piece. It’s the kind of shop (in store or online) where you can pretty much get anything special that you need for everyone special in your life.   



Listen: So. Much. Ink.

Wasn’t this the name of the art show at the HELM store last week? Yep, and this is the playlist that the artist Geoff Peveto put together for it. The opening party for the show was awesome, and this playlist made it all the better. Listening is like following the 20 years of his poster designs on a rock and roll journey. Click the link, hit the shuffle arrows and follow the art of the music.


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