Saturday Six XXIV

Saturday Six XXIV


Oh man, it’s getting really hot outside. We suggest you give this Saturday Six a good read through by the pool or in the A/C with a cold beverage in hand. It’s the small things that make it all good, so kick back and have a great weekend!


Watch: Nossa Chape

The World Cup is upon us and whether you watch it or not, it’s likely you’ll hear about it. Gaining attention around the current happenings, this documentary is about much more than just the sport. A small city in South Brazil made its name on the map when their smaller, somewhat unknown, soccer team made it to the finals in 2016. The team was flying to Columbia when their plane crashed and tragically killed all but 3 of the players. What was supposed to be a defining story of victory became a devastating loss for an entire country. The resilience of the human spirit and the determination of the remaining 3 team members tells us an enduring story of humanity and our true capabilities. We highly suggest this film.

Visit: Rosewood Barbershop

Located behind Nickel City (one of our favorite bars on Austin’s East side) you’ll find the latest barbershop in town, the Rosewood. A sweet little refurbished house, great feeling inside, talented barbers and cool product - it’s time to get cleaned up! The three owners are masters of their craft, and the Rosewood Barbershop is reminiscent of a time where barbershops were actually owned by barbers. The environment is clean and inviting; they’ve truly opened a shop where you can relax, socialize and get a perfect shave or nice tight trim.

Drink: Hops & Grain

East Austin is unique in it’s blend of cultures, and Hops & Grain not only works hard to focus on their local community, but they also brew damn fine beers that the rest of the country gets to partake in. From their taproom to tours to events and parties, these guys know how to make beer for what it’s meant to be for - getting together and having a great social time with friends and neighbors. The hops, the grains, the research and the final products are all part of the expert, detailed process, and H&G invites you to join them through any and all parts of the entire journey. How cool is that? Dare we say, it’s Austin’s finest craft brewery? Try it and you make the call.

Shop: Kiriko Made

They say that “textiles tell a story,” and Kiriko tells great ones. From their factory to their amazing store in Portland, OR, they believe that fabric is everything, and the work they do proves it. Their traditional craftsmanship with handwoven and hand-dyed pieces shows their passion, and the results are highly fashionable and stunningly beautiful. The patterns, the weaves, the cuts of fabrics and the techniques are all superb. If in Portland, the store is a must; otherwise, visit the website and see what we mean.

Dine: Royal Jelly Restaurant

New ownership for Royal Jelly has meant simple and tasteful new menus, awards left and right, and ranking as one of the top choices of multiple considerable lists. Stellar reviews aren’t the only reason to drop in. We’ve tried it, and its creatively eclectic offerings balanced with all American twists and laid back setting make it a must. RJ also has plenty of killer cocktails, including our favorite, the raved about Blood Orange Paloma, which is served in tiny Topo Chico bottles. Don’t just take our word for it - Austin Monthly says that this drink is “basically Austin personified."


Consider: Summer Travel Necessities

We asked 10 of our good buddies, “On your summer travels this year, what are the top 3 things you can’t travel without?” That’s 30 ideas for you to consider for your travels! (29 actually because 2 of them said Moleskin journals.) Here’s who they are and what they take. Fun in the sun!


Pour This and All Time

Kershaw pocket knife

HELM boots, the black ones that lace up (duh)

A good broken in bandana!

That’s a helluvahn outfit if you ask me!


KGSR. Texas Monthly. Esquire

Small bottle of Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo - better than anything any hotel has to offer and cheap to replace if you accidentally leave it behind

The Black Rapid Cross Shot Sling Camera Strap - makes carrying a small camera exponentially easier when doing a lot of walking/hiking and securing it from theft/losing it in city settings (bought mine at Precision)

Three-receptacle USB charger- these little hubs are under $10 now and with the proper cords, let you charge three devices simultaneously, which is good in hotels that are short obvious/nearby wall outlets or in airports where people are fighting over charging opportunities

Bonus: Lonfrote Star Moon Deep Molded Sleep Mask because it's cheap, easy to pack and multi-purpose.



Fatboy pomade is THE jam. Couldn’t go a day without it. (If you’ve never used it you totally should.)

Beats Studio Headphones.

My notes app on my phone. Don’t go a day without writing something in it. Ideas, lyrics, branding concepts etc.


Frank Hot Dogs Cold Beers


Foldable Yoga Mat

Super Soft Hoodie

A Good Book (currently the Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery)




Running Shoes - one of the best things about any vacation for me is the chance to run in new terrain.

Swimsuit - this is a must have in any season. While skinny dipping is sometimes a viable alternative, it is important to be covered in case it’s not.

Sweet Vermouth - depending on where I am traveling. If I don't have to board any planes, I'm likely going to have a bottle of Cocchi Americano or something similar to mix with soda and lemon.


Art Director


Rickshaw shoulder bag

Eye mask

Moleskin notebook



Creative Director

A few bottles of wine (preferably HALL)

My Buck 119

A Black Diamond headlamp

Black Patagonia Hyper Puff Hoodie – the best all-seasons mid-layer in my opinion



Industrial Designer


ExOfficio travel boxers (best underwear on planet earth..the single best gear you can invest in for travel and everyday..and I review and design products full time)

HELM Boots, Marion Olive (with red laces), stylish for the city and tough with tread for the outdoors

Magpul DAKA Pouch filled with EDC essentials (flashlight, spare cells, airline friendly multitool, pen, field notes, $50 rolled into an empty chapstick container, etc, etc)





Sturdy river shoes.

Small Yeti cooler

This American Life playlist



My black scarf from Miranda Bennett. It’s beautiful worn as a scarf and doubles as a blanket if the plane or train is cold.

Evan Healy Rose Geranium Facial Tonic - love the scent and it’s really refreshing

All black Vans Authentic sneakers. Used to pack a bunch of shoes for travel, and now it’s just these and a fun pair.


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