Saturday Six XXXIV

Saturday Six XXXIV


Clean Caffeinated Water
A Comedian Who Made Us Laugh and Cry
Men’s Wares Downtown
Irrational Tight-Rope Walking
A Deluxe Diner in Raleigh
And How You Can Help Fight PTSD
This is the Saturday Six Vol. XXXIV





We drink a lot of coffee. We drink a lot of water. Caffeine + Hydration. Sometimes we drink too much coffee and not enough water. In comes push. Caffeinated Water + Electrolytes. You could call it the perfect water. These guys source it from one of the largest aquifers in America and then infuse it with electrolytes, oxygen, and natural caffeine. The amount of caffeine is equivalent to about half a can of soda or a quarter cup of coffee, and it gives you the healthy “push” you need.  We drink it around the office and it’s damn good. No sugar, no artificial sweeteners and zero calories, so no problems here. Get it, drink it and go!




We all loved him. He was such an entertainer and a comedian who could also be deeply dramatic and emotionally relevant from scene to scene, interview to interview. His death was tragic and unexpected, at least by the public. Dave Itzkoff dives deep into Robin William’s past and looks into his more intimate life and relationships, taking us on a journey as to how and why Robin was such a misunderstood, sometimes confused, sad and ultimately depressed human being. His brilliance plagued by self-doubt, his true talents muted by addiction, this book drawn by hundreds of interviews with friends, family and coworkers, sheds some light on the inner workings of a man we all felt we knew. That feeling of a genuine personal connection is what broke our hearts when we lost him. If you were ever a fan, this book is a must.  




Hidden in a super cool, smaller space in downtown OKC, this shop is way worth a visit. Apparel, grooming, home gifts and more - these guys have it all covered and they do it well. From the choice selvedge denim to the harder to find shirts and bags, this store is definitely one-of-a-kind in their creatively curated and inviting space. (Plug: HELM is having a pop-up shop there Saturday Sept. 22, 11am-3pm). Here it is - “Timeless classic styles for the man of all TRADES. Grooming to make your morning routine a delight. Decor to outfit the Cave.” That’s TRADE Men’s Wares.




It’s not easy to watch anything regarding the Twin Towers and it never will be, but this documentary brings joy and exhilaration through the true story of how one man levitated between them in 1974. Based on his book “How to Reach the Clouds,” Phillipe Petite details his crazed and ultimately successful pursuit to walking on a tight rope suspended between the two Towers. Six years of planning to fulfill his dream results in nearly a hundred thousand people gathered on the ground, watching in awe as this twenty-four-year-old high-wire artist made eight crossings between the all-but-completed buildings, a quarter mile above the earth, over the course of nearly an hour. If you’re able to admire the Towers from whence they stood, and you’re up to the absurdity and the thrill of this true story, it’s definitely worth the ride.




We met a local guy who told us about this place, and he warned us that it was not likely that we’d get in. But we were lucky to find open seats at the bar! The ambiance was like an old diner dressed up in a trendy yet classic manner - just dark enough to feel cool, but not too dark to see the masterpiece on the plate in front of you. Every single choice on the chalkboard menu for the evening (choice wines and local beers included) looked creative and divine. We opted for the Snapper Schnitzel (atop a summer squash salad heirloom tomato relish) and Cornmeal Fried Okra with Spiced Piquillo Aioli. If you do end up having to wait, we say it’s plenty worth it. They call themselves “A Modern Diner with Reimagined Comfort Food” - we call it Heaven.



Make A Vet Sweat (MAVS) is a nonprofit organization committed to serving Veterans who are combating the hidden wounds of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). They accomplish this objective by sponsoring applicants at their local gyms for three month periods to sweat out the toxins of PTSD’s with like-minded people. Their mission is sustained through donations and partnerships, the most notable being their annual MAVS Charity Classic, which is sanctioned by the Naturally Fit Federation and is also a Pro Qualifier. The funds raised through events such as this are what give Make A Vet Sweat the ability to fight PTSD while being an advocate for countless veterans. See more here about how you can help.

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