Saturday Six XXXV

Saturday Six XXXV


A cosmic ferris wheel
Lenny Kravitz
Doping athletes
A civic duty
Paper fashion
Beer and coffee
Here we go. This is the Saturday Six Vol. XXXV




It’s upon us again - the most magical festival of West Texas (at El Cosmico in Marfa to be exact) where Music and Love collide with a beautifully eccentric culture like nothing you’ve ever seen. The caliber of music, food, lodging and workshops is guaranteed to blow your mind. Go to the site to read more details and get your tickets for the music, camping, or the ferris wheel. Did somebody say ferris wheel? Yes, we did.



Whether you’re a follower of Oprah or not, a fan of Lenny Kravitz or not, this podcast is a good listen. To see through the eyes of Kravitz as a young boy growing up in NYC is remarkably interesting and enlightening. A quick monologue following his experiences in art, family, race and ethnicity (just to name a few things) sheds light onto what many of us have most likely never experienced. Where and how his passion for music derived and where and how his own family came to be. We always find it intriguing and purposeful to learn what it’s like for someone who might not have been raised in or currently is in our same circumstances. In fact, we’d say this often brings us realizations and ultimately grace and gratitude for more than we might have known before. Give it a listen or you can also watch the podcast here.




George Orwell once said, “during times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Icarus is a documentary about the darkest deceit instigated by the great top level cheaters in the history of athletics. Performance enhancing drugs, human growth hormones and the most extreme and experimental doping plays are unveiled when 99% of Russian athletes alone are found guilty of doping. The proof of these crimes across all countries are revealed since 1968 and have infected every sport and every Olympic game since then. We watched, shaking our heads, mouths agape - how could this all be real? It is.




This isn’t a political push, about anything being rigged and we’re not with MTV telling you to to, “Rock the Vote.” We’re really just saying that wherever you reside, go and vote. It’s our civic duty. As citizens of the U.S. voting is something we should do. Things might stay the same or things might change. It’s up to us.



Wow. We were basically in shock when we first saw the teaser for this artist’s work. It’s still baffling to watch small clips of the process and end results of how she literally and fervently “fashions” art from paper, even the shoes! In her current works she takes a fresh look at three hundred years of fashion history from Elizabeth I to Coco Chanel. How in the heck does this happen? You can read about and see more of her work currently on display here at the OKCMA.




The Wright Brothers took over where Progress Coffee stood for 10 years, and for the last 5 years they’ve made it their own successfully social hub on East 5th St. in Austin. Definitely one of our favorite haunts for meet-ups, sipping coffee, drinking beer and simple noshing, they’re celebrating their 5 year anniversary with a big ‘ol party all day today (Saturday 9/15). Congrats dudes!

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