Saturday Six XXXVI

Saturday Six XXXVI


Music, Meats, and Fashion
Coffee, Jams, and Tee’s
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If you’re a music lover and actually grew up on or listened to music prior to Y2K, then you gotta follow this Instagram account. Warning: you can spend many, many minutes scrolling and unearthing buried treasures of nostalgia while also discovering videos of your favorite artists you’ve probably never seen. That’s our favorite part. We loved “THAT” band and thought we’d seen and heard it all, but wait, what and where is THIS live performance?! Jump on there and have some fun - just maybe not while you’re on the clock.




There is barbecue galore in Austin, and this joint is definitely one of our top choices. It’s a big ‘ol truck outdoors on East 11th where they’re always smokin’ the meats back behind, and if you’re anywhere in the hood, the wafting fragrances will catch you and draw you in. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but we’re big fans of the Beef Ribs and Sausage. The sides are all delicious, and we suggest you don’t miss the Lemon Poppy Slaw or the Beet Salad.

Photo: Patrick Demarchelier for Harper’s Bazaar



Talk about an interesting, intriguing, special, one-of-a-kind person. Bill Cunningham had been taking photos of the fanciest fashion trends on the streets of NYC since the late 1920’s. The coolest part is he was nothing like you would have expected him to be. He slept on a cot and didn’t take money from anyone so they “can’t tell him what to do.” He stated that he wasn’t interested in celebrities with their free dresses, he was only interested in the clothes. This was proven by the fact that he was wildly sought after. It’s was known for decades by the most elite that if he was anywhere nearby they wanted his camera on them, and if they don’t make his cut, they know it. Watch this preview, and you’ll realize that it’s not that he wasn’t aware of cultural vision and hierarchy, he just treated it all the same. We think that’s respectable.  




We’ve said it before - we drink a lot of coffee, and when it comes to cold brew in a can, HEYDAY is a definite go-to. They make their cold brew by soaking the coffee grounds from Fair Trade beans in cool water and then let them take their sweet time by soaking for hours and hours. They also triple filter the resulting coffee concentrate to remove the unnecessary stuff, leaving a pure cold brew. Their process is “an exercise in simplicity.” Extracting the concentrate is just the beginning. What gives HEYDAY that special something is their less-is-more approach, a touch of pure cane sugar and only a splash of cream for a refreshingly light, smooth taste. If you are getting thirsty just reading this, then get yourself some HEYDAY.




Jams, jellies, spreads - whatever you call them, we declare that the Confituras Hecho a Mano (handmade) jams are the jams of the gods. We’re gonna keep this simple. These are small batch, locally sourced fruit preservatives and you need them. We’ve tried about half of their offerings now and are over the moon about them. Blueberry Basil, Bourbon Brown Sugar Peach, Jalapeno Pepper, Ginger good!




They have arrived and they’re going fast! What’s your color? Black, blue, grey, white...maybe one of each? Super soft and super cool - get yourself one and be the coolest (and comfiest) kid on the block.  





Saturday Sept. 22nd | 11A - 3P

Sunday Sept. 23rd | 12P - 4P


Portland, OR

Oct. 11 - Nov. 26th


Los Angeles, CA

Oct. 19th - Oct. 21st


Brooklyn, NY

Nov. 21st - Nov. 30th


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