Special Edition Vol. LXXXIV

Special Edition Vol. LXXXIV


We hope you love reading the Saturday Six as much as we love writing it, and we’ve decided to give it a little twist! Occasionally we’ll be doing the “Saturday Six Questions,” where we ask one awesome person a few questions - not only to get to know them a little better, but also get turned on to a few of their favorite things. 

This week we were fortunate enough to ask Johnny Radelate, the amazingly talented drummer for Gary Clark, Jr.,  about a few of his favorite things.




John Radelate 

Life Mantra

There is something to learn in every moment

Number of HELM Owned




I. Travel



If I could be anywhere at this very moment it would be on the beach in San Sebastián Spain.


Not everybody goes to the beach for the same reason. Some of us make it a family day, others go for the ocean exercises like surfing and swimming, some for the land activities like volleyball and beach-tennis. That’s what sets San Sebastian apart from what you'll find anywhere else. With multiple (and separate) beaches, San Sebastian sports Ondarreta as a spot for for family time, Zurriola for surfers, Santa Clara for a smaller, charming getaway and La Concha for beautiful views and the perfect photo op. Whether you head to the waterfront for one specific reason or mix it up depending on your mood, this is a place to do either one.



II. Listen



The most memorable show I've ever seen live is Rage Against The Machine and Wu Tang Clan (with full original line up) in 1997. I left the show with no shirt, no shoes and no wallet, covered in mud from head to toe. 

My favorite band I've ever opened for is the Rolling Stones, for obvious reasons.

 I'm on a secluded island for a year and the one album to listen to would be Marvin Gaye, “What’s Going On.”

My favorite band that's ever opened for us is the Greyhounds from Austin, TX.


As the music capital of the world, if a band stands out in Austin, Texas, you know they have to be good. The duo, The Greyhounds, featuring Andrew Trube on guitar and Anthony Farrell on the keys, started playing together in the 90s and they’re following has only grown over time. People raving about their live performances, and they've been memorably described as “Hall and Oates meets ZZ Top." This is a band we would urge you to see in person, and lucky for you they’re on tour right now! See if they’re coming your way right here



III. Read

If I had only one book it would be “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman.


The Way of the Peaceful Warrior is a semi-autobiographical story about the writer, Dan Millman, and his journey to becoming a peaceful warrior with the help of a gas station attendant that he calls Socrates. At times painfully honest, emotional, and humorously wise, it speaks to every one of us about our own individual pursuits for true happiness. This one touches on something that’s so universal, we’re not kidding when we say everybody should give it a read.



IV. Play

My favorite souvenir I’ve acquired in my travels was a Marimbula that I picked up in Jamaica.

Known by multiple names depending on the region, you’ve probably heard it’s music if not necessarily its name. Whether it’s called changüí, marimbol, rumba box or marimba, they all refer to a boxed instrument with what can be described as flat metal keys. Taking the place of a bass in a musical lineup, it originated in Cuba back in the 1800s. As much as we could say about the marimbula, when it comes to an instrument it’s always better to just let you listen. Do that here!



V. Dine

The best meal I’ve had at a restaurant recently was at Ramen Sen-no-Kaze in Kyoto, Japan.


Ok, we know. There are lots of Ramen places out there and it's definitely become a go-to comfort food in recent years, but we mean it when we say that this is the real deal. It’s not everyday someone makes a trip to Kyoto, but we’re just saying that if you happen to find yourself there, set aside some time for this one. The broth - mouth watering. The chasu - out of this world. You can’t go wrong on this menu so go wild...or don’t. It’s going to be good either way. It’s a small spot and they're deliciousness is well known so there might be a wait, but trust us that it’s worth it. So darn good, you might want to get right back in line when you’re done with your first bowl.



VI. Learn

The most important lesson I've learned from a mistake is to not take your health and mobility for granted by doin’ stupid things like jumping off of vehicles in motion. 

The most unpleasant job I've ever had is pressure washing the side of four story apartment buildings whilst on a giant ladder. And things like getting attacked by wasps happening.



Our Pick this Week?



This Land, Gary Clark Jr’s new album...for obvious reasons.




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