Style Guide: How To Wear Handmade Men's Boots

Style Guide: How To Wear Handmade Men's Boots

Footwear is an essential part of your wardrobe. It's the foundation you stand upon. In an average day, your shoes absorb the force of your weight more than 3000 times, which means picking the right footwear is super important.

But footwear doesn't just offer support, it offers style.

And no footwear is more stylish than handmade men's boots. Men's boots can complete a casual look or serve as the perfect transition piece between the office and post-work drinks.

Whether you live in the mountains or in a sunny suburb, a stylish pair of handmade men's boots is a must-have for your wardrobe.

Want a pair of boots but not sure how to style it? Read on to learn how to rock boots and wow people with your fashion-forward looks.

Why Handmade Boots?

If you're unfamiliar with boots, your first question is probably, "why can't I just buy cheap boots in a store?" And while you could, there are just so many benefits handmade boots offer that cheaply manufactured ones don't.

Handmade Boots are Made With Love

Unlike cheaply manufactured boots, handmade boots are made carefully by an expert. This process not only requires traditional tools and techniques but a love and patience for the shoe they are crafting. When you buy handmade boots, you know you're buying the highest quality footwear.

Handmade Boots are More Ethical

While handmade boots may be more expensive, they're made in a much more ethical way than cheaper boots from a different country. Often, boot factories will use harmful chemicals during their leather tanning process, which is bad for the environment. They may also hire child labor and force children to work long hours for little pay.

Many handmade boots are made in the U.S. where ethics laws are stricter. These handmade boot companies are also making a shift toward sustainability and designing shoes that will reduce their carbon impact.

Styling Tips for Handmade Men's Boots

Picking the right handmade men's boots is important. So here the most popular boot types, and where and when to wear them.

The Ankle Boot

The ankle boot offers a slim fit with a streamlined design. It's usually made from one continuous strip of leather. It also comes in a variety of materials and colors, which makes it an easy, versatile option.

How to Style Them

Ankle boots are versatile, so you can wear them with a ton of outfits. Here are a few style suggestions:

  • Wear them with an all-black suit
  • Pair them with skinny jeans and a light t-shirt
  • Wear them with chinos

The Work Boot

Work boots come in a variety of styles, from combat boots to construction boots. They're practical because they have thick soles and are made with sturdy materials. They offer great support around the ankles and feet, so they're a stylishly functional option.

How to Style Them
  • Pair them with skinny jeans for a streamlined look
  • Wear with a leather jacket for a clean, alternative vibe
  • Wear with longline coats and loose fit jeans

If you want classic work boots with a twist, the Muller Navy boot offers unique style. The navy finish and leather sole add a fashion-forward touch to a beloved classic.

The Chukka Boot

The two sections of the Chukka boot are made of differing materials, which gives it a casual, contrasting look. The upper part is made with suede or calfskin while the sole is made of leather.

How to Style Them

Chukka boots work with both dressy and casual outfits.

  • Pair them with a t-shirt and relaxed jeans
  • Wear them with a sports jacket and slacks

The Derby Boot

The Derby boot has a stylish open-lace design. At first glance, they seem formal but they can actually be styled a variety of ways.

How to Style Them
  • Wear them with trousers and a sports jacket
  • Wear them with a suit, jeans, or chinos

The Klein Boot mixes Derby boot style with an added Spanish influence. It's a great modern take on a classic pattern.

How to Pick the Perfect Fit

While it's important to find the right style, it's equally as important to pick handmade men's boots that fit! Here are some tips and things to keep in mind:

Try Your Boots on in the Afternoon

Your feet generally swell over the day, so it's important to know your boots will fit no matter what.

Try Your Boots on While Wearing Socks

Wearing socks when you try your boots on will help you understand how snug they fit.

Try Your Boots on Both Feet

It's likely that your feet aren't the same size, so make sure the boot fits both feet.

Other Tips:

  • Wiggle your toes--they shouldn't press up against the toe of the shoe
  • Squat and bounce--your feet shouldn't move much in the boot
  • Push your feet forward to make sure you have enough room
  • Test ankle support by standing on the sides of your feet

Even if your handmade men's boots fit, you'll still have to break them in to make them comfortable. Here's how you break your boots in:

Wear Your Boots for Short Periods of Time

Wear your boots around the house and take them off when your feet start to get sore. This break-in process takes a few months, but you're less likely to get blisters.

Try the Freezer Method

Fill up a plastic bag with water, tighten it, and put it in your boot. Then cover your boots in a plastic bag and place it in the freezer. The water in the bag will freeze, expand, and stretch the leather.

Final Thoughts on Handmade Men's Boots

Handmade boot companies don't take a "one size fits all" approach to their footwear. They blend the best boot designs with trendy and classic styles to create something unique. And they're lovingly made in a way that's sustainable and responsible.

Have you recently purchased a pair of handmade boots? How are they treating you? Let us know in the comments!

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