Suit Up With Soto

Suit Up With Soto

We asked our favorite custom suit maker, Rick Soto, for his best style tips when it comes to pairing boots and sneakers with more refined tailoring. He said it best: 

Anything outside of a tuxedo is fair game. 

Go ahead, wear boots to the wedding. We build all HELM styles for enduring good looks and unmatched comfort. If you’re looking to invest in elevated staple pieces, keep reading for Rick’s tips for sporting boots and sneakers in rarified air.

How to Wear Sneakers with a Suit

How To Wear Sneakers With A Suit

Want the cloud comfort of your favorite sneakers at a more formal event? Rick weighs in on the best colorways and tailoring tricks for sporting footwear.

What color leather goes best with navy suiting? What about gray and black tones?

If it’s not black: I wear brown shoes. Navy, Gray, Charcoal…as long as it’s not black, I’ll wear brown shoes with it. Typically it’s safe to say a medium teak to dark brown chocolate is the best way to go. You don’t want too hard of a contrast. 

Can I wear sneakers with my suit? Do I need to tailor my trousers specifically for a sneaker?

Nowadays suits with sneakers is the way to go. For weddings… For work… Everything is just a little more casual. Keep in mind, if you do plan to wear sneakers with suits, you definitely want to keep your trousers tailored. With the shoe being a lower cut, if the trousers are bigger and wider, when you walk the excess fabric will flap. A slight taper will give you a more appealing look. Depending on style, you might want to shorten the length so that they aren’t too baggy at the bottom. 

What type of sneakers? 

A casual, low-cut, simple sneaker like The Xander. You don’t want to wear a bulkier basketball shoe or anything super athletic. Jordan 1’s and Blazers look really good with suits.

The Xander Sneaker

How to Wear Boots with a Suit

Styling your suit with a pair of premium leather boots all comes down to tailoring and accessories. Keep reading for Rick’s thoughts on trouser length, belts and more!

Can I wear boots to a wedding? 

Boots With A Suit

Definitely wear boots to the wedding! Outside of a tuxedo everything is fair game. No problem at all, but, of course, it depends on the vibe of the wedding. If it’s not black tie, go with a sneaker or a boot

What are the Dos and Don'ts of styling boots with a suit?

It all depends on the silhouette of the boot. I just did a wedding where a guy brought in his HELM for tailoring with his suit. You almost have to commit to either a boot or a dress shoe before tailoring. If the boots are shaped a bit higher, you want less of a break at the vamp. If you like a clean seam in the front, go shorter with your trousers. That said, taking up the length could make the trousers too high to wear with a sneaker.

There’s a way around that. I typically tell my clients we have 2 inches on the inside of the trouser. We can taper and hem it up to get the look that we want now for the wedding. If you ever need to let it out, we have the flexibility to do so. 

Final Question: To Belt or NOT to Belt?

I’m a huge fan of beltless trousers. That’s usually my favorite look. The appeal isn’t the same when it comes to boots. If you wear a boot with a suit, matching with a belt is a way better look!

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