Suit Up With Soto & Co.

Suit Up With Soto & Co.


Rick Soto is a custom clothier with a showroom located a stone’s throw from our own East Austin headquarters. Specializing in custom-built suits and accessories, Soto’s thoughtful approach to style and tailoring mirrors the HELM design philosophy. Invest in craft. Quality where it counts. 


This summer, we’re looking forward to any opportunity to Suit Up with Soto. We recently asked the style expert to put our first ever loafer design, The Wilson, through his style lense.


How did you hear about us? 

I first heard about HELM from a client! He came in for a measurement and I complimented him on his boots. The pair he was wearing gave a lot of style to simple jeans and a t-shirt. That versatility drew me to the brand. HELM boots can be styled in such a wide variety of ways.


How are you styling the Wilson for Summer?

Summer heat usually calls for a more relaxed look. I pair my Wilsons with jeans and a casual button down, T-shirt, baseball jersey or a Guayabera.  If I’m meeting with clients or want to look more polished and professional, I simply tuck in my button down shirt, throw on a custom blazer and I’m ready to go.


What colors pair best with The Wilson?

Colorwise: tans, light blues, maroons and greens are the colors I like to play with when I am wearing a teak or a tan loafer. The classic solid white and light blue shirts will stay hanging in my closet with the Navy and Grey suits. If I’m wearing a simpler shoe, I can go bold with a pattern. 


What’s your take on the no show sock and loafer trend?

Every time I wear the Wilsons I wear them with low cut, no show socks.  It’s more of a casual look. I do take that into consideration when wearing loafers with a suit. In my book, a no show sock, handcrafted loafer and good tailoring always reads relaxed yet refined. 


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